SEA travel is about to change as Cebu’s first smart port, Pier 88, begins operations in Liloan town, marking the dawn of a new era in connectivity and transportation in Cebu.

A P2-billion project of the Topline Group of Companies and Pier 88 Ventures, Inc., the three-phased port and commercial development located in the vibrant Municipality of Liloan marks a significant milestone for Central Visayas.

President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. and Vice President Sara “Inday” Duterte-Carpio are invited to open the region’s game-changer in maritime travel, highlighting the project’s importance as a catalyst for economic growth and national pride.

The unveiling of this iconic project is led by the proponents’ innovative executives, Eugene Erik Lapasaran Lim, president and chief executive officer (CEO) of the Topline Group of Companies and Pier 88 Ventures, Inc; and Kyle Gregory Uy, vice president and chief operating officer of Pier 88 Ventures, Inc.

Other esteemed government officials are also present including incumbent Liloan Mayor Aljew Jordan Frasco, Cebu Fifth District Representative Vincent Franco “Duke” Frasco, Tourism Secretary Christina Garcia Frasco, and Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia.

The presence of these distinguished guests further exemplifies their recognition of Pier 88’s potential to transform the landscape, captivate visitors, and invigorate the local economy.

Pier 88 was conceptualized in 2015 by Congressman Frasco during his term as mayor of Liloan, and construction began in 2019 under the mayoral term of his wife, former mayor, now Tourism Secretary Garcia Frasco.


Pier 88 stands as a testament to the innovative spirit and collaborative efforts that drive progress in Central Visayas.

Cebu’s first and only smart port will integrate digital technology into its operations with automated fare and ticketing systems to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and promote sustainability for the port.

Leveraging expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure, the project also puts a strong emphasis on passenger comfort, safety, and convenience, along with efficient cargo handling capabilities.

CEO and president Lim expressed his confidence in Pier 88’s success and ability to create new opportunities for economic growth.


Spanning a land area of approximately three hectares, this project is expected to bring enhanced connectivity and mobility, serving as a marine highway linking Liloan to the rest of Cebu province.

The port is designed for accessibility and efficient operations, including ramps for berthing, mooring dolphins, pedestrian bollards, pier bridge and deck, truck weighing scale, storage, cargo handling, trucking, arrastre, porterage, stevedoring, leisure and island-hopping terminal, shuttle, and banking services.

Pier 88’s green commercial building with solar panels, will also house trendy establishments and restaurants with the added attraction of a sea-front vista, affording customers a relaxing scenic view along with the gently blowing ocean breeze.

Economic gateway

Pier 88’s purpose is two-pronged—a faster alternative route for commuters, and an economic gateway for the northern part of Cebu.

The port will be home to four Topline Seabus passenger vessels, which will be launched soon.

These Seabuses can accommodate up to 150 passengers with 16 trips per day.

Topline Seabus will initially serve as a route connecting Liloan to Mactan Wharf, making the commute of those who regularly travel the said routes comfortable, convenient, and faster.

Trips from Liloan to Mactan Island, and vice-versa, will soon be cut short from the usual land travel of approximately 2 hours to only 30 to 45 minutes.

Shipping operators are also eager to announce their comprehensive range of services catering to both passenger and cargo transportation to and from Liloan and other captivating destinations, such as Mactan, Camotes, and Leyte—with the aim of delivering seamless and reliable transportation solutions to all customers.

Overall, this project symbolizes progress, collaboration, and a brighter future.

As Pier 88 moves forward, it aims to become a source of inspiration, pride, and economic prosperity for the community it serves. (SPONSORED CONTENT)