THE Power Watch Negros Advocates (PWNA) and the Utilities Consumers Advocates for Reform (Ucare) signed the covenant of solidarity, manifesting their public declaration of support for the joint venture agreement (JVA) between the Central Negros Electric Cooperative (Ceneco) and Ignite Power and Energy Holdings, Inc. or More Power, at the Negros Press Club in Bacolod City on Friday, May 26, 2023.

Wennie Sancho, secretary-general of PWNA, said for decades, there was a persistent public outcry against the dismal failure of the Ceneco to provide affordable, reliable and efficient power supply.

“Let alone the deluge of complaints from angry consumers on the inconvenience brought about by power outage and massive blackouts,” he said.

Sancho noted that in February 2023, an unsolicited proposal for a JVA was submitted to Ceneco by Ignite Power, a sister company of More Power, for the purpose of forging a mutually beneficial relationship with Ceneco.

“We perceived that the proposed JVA will allow Ceneco to tap the needed private sector for the improvement and modernization of Ceneco...the JVA is now undergoing the process of due diligence,” Sancho said.

He said the labor sector and PWNA strongly believe that due to mismanagement and corruption, Ceneco is suffering from financial hemorrhage. It is on the road to bankruptcy due to its huge system loss and financial indebtedness.

“Ceneco needs a new leash of life. JVA is the life-saving machine that shall save Ceneco from death. JVA shall rehabilitate the infrastructure of Ceneco by installing state-of-the-art technologies and equipment that would level up its operations,” he added.

Sancho disclosed that the Ceneco consumers and representatives of the multi-sectoral groups in the provinces of Negros Occidental, gathered in the name and authority of the consumers, do hereby solemnly publish, and declare this covenant of solidarity, manifesting their unequivocal support for the JVA between Ceneco and Ignite Power and urging both parties to expedite the process.