Government officials need not feel KSP (kulang sa pansin), much less if it would behoove them to make exaggerated, sensationalized actions just to lure public attention and make waves in the news. A case in point is the recent assault on Gentle Hands Orphanage by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), right where the orphanage nurtures our poor children.

The melodramatic government action is uncalled for, harsh, sadistic. It was an overkill. They raided Gentle Hands (sans any prior notice) like they were rescuing prisoners of war from the hands of Nazi, Hitlerite soldiers. Besides, the orphanage is being held accountable for violations that they are not even aware of or informed about.

The DSWD is accusing Gentle Hands of abuses where there are none (in reality) as I am personally aware of the good heart of Gentle Hands in their charitable works, particularly in loving and caring for the poor, homeless children — being faithful and true to their vision and mission of becoming “a center of rescue and healing of children in crisis. And to provide family style care and hope for children who have experienced trauma.”

What fake news about Gentle Hands might have reached DWSD?

What authorities did was traumatic to the children. The raiders should be the ones to be held accountable instead. The kids were crying and confused as they didn’t want to leave the shelter house where they found love and a place they could call home. The staff and volunteers were teary-eyed not for themselves, but for the children that they have been treating like their own.

Gentle Hands is a child and youth welfare agency, a nongovernment organization founded and being overseen by Canadian missionaries to the Philippines, Pastor Dennis Hepner together with his wife Denie. I used to donate to Gentle Hands as Reverend Dennis used to be my pastor. He’s a great man of God, a pastor with a heart and mission.

Nobody talked to me about this inhuman DSWD theater. I just saw it in the news on TV and read it in news sites using my “third eye.” I wrote this letter/article in less than an hour because I needed no research, and this is how I feel compelled to bring the matter up to our people and concerned officials.

Why don’t DSWD people or Secretary Rex Gatchalian pour out his efforts (instead) to solve the persisting problem/proliferation of street children in the country, which Gentle Hands has been addressing for 30 years now since 1993? Isn’t Gatchalian aware of the poor, filthy children/families every time he travels in his beautiful car, its glass windows soiled from time to time by their begging hands, their stomachs hungry, their eyes appealing for mercy?

DSWD ought to be the most caring, loving and gentle hand among all our government agencies. Alas, it is becoming ruthless. Have a heart.