It is such a frustrating thing to be stuck, no? Being in a spot for far too long can definitely make one feel irritable. I believe it is due to the idea that one may be stagnating in the place where they are. Since we are all meant to grow, stagnation can often make us feel terrible about ourselves, which deepens the issue. With its many causes, one tends to be stuck in many ways such as, mentally or emotionally, but as realizing one’s own state is important, figuring out how to get out is more important.

Being stuck mentally is a pain. From being caught up in one’s past or worrying about one’s future, it’s something that leads people to spiraling down into even worse thoughts. In times of mental stuckness, I always do my best to orient myself by attuning myself to my Heaven Luck, which is my innate characteristics and a factor of Human Success. It is capable of foreseeing the future I am capable of having, which motivated me to do what I can now.

Our emotions can be a volatile thing. One moment, one is riding the momentum of a good vibe, then suddenly, it can come crashing down. While I am not trying to be that person who says “just don’t be sad” as advice to someone having that spontaneous crash, it is our Man Luck, our own hard work, preparation, and another factor of Human Success, that salvages that crash. However, It is only when Man Luck is pair up with Heaven Luck that can yield the best result when making the best out of a bad situation

The main reason “Just don’t be sad” is such horrible advice is because if people could “just don’t be sad” they would. There are many reasons as to why this is and the advice seems to be intentionally ignorant of that. Oftentimes, one is not in the right place to even work on oneself. When one’s Earth Luck, one’s own environment, plays against the person, its effects can be heavy on the person which. With everything seemingly not going one’s way, it can be easy to fall into despair, but, with the help of those around you, one does not have to hit rock bottom.

Though one bringing oneself up from a state of stuckness isn’t a rare story, I believe the fact that other people may help you in another story of stagnation doesn’t make it less impressive. I am aware of the difficulty in asking for assistance, but it is something that one must push oneself to do since asking for help has never been a sign of giving up, but a refusal of giving up.