POPULAR content creator Kalinti by TBON, or Adam Nerpiol, shared his humble beginnings with his fellow Bacolodnons through SunStar Bacolod’s Yuhom.

His antics using the dialect “kalinti” which is a spontaneous expression when someone is elated, surprised, overjoyed, and sometimes when angry which catches the attention of people here and abroad made his vlog highly interesting and more fun for his vast and fast-growing social media followers.

He came back to Bacolod City recently for a vacation but was surprised by the warm acceptance of his fellow Bacolodnons of his presence due to his social media influence.

He shared that he was born and brought up in the city and made his way up through hard work and resilience. He said he came from a middle-class family where he worked at a department store as a bagger receiving P91 per day.

He dreamed of becoming a physician but since his penchant for basketball and other recreational activities dominated his choice, he opted to enroll in nursing and graduated and worked as a licensed nurse abroad.

While he worked, he is still looking for something that will meet the missing point in his career, thus he worked as a gym instructor where he had clients from the high strata of the community in Dubai that uplifted his economic well-being.

His success in social media and his choice of career path did not come on a silver platter. He and his brothers Direk Mike TBON - The BillOut Night, Dodong Ron (EaTravels) whom he teases that he is handsome among them, helped each other come up with a vlog that uses unique and real-life characters, and tendencies insofar as their reactions, behabehaviourse way they relate to people, and the most popular characters and personalities that he impersonated are those with Generation Z (ages 6-21) where he labelabelledm as Jacob, Damdam, Mac Mac, Baby Ann, Tresh) and Tiyay Marie who impersonates a Sari Sari Store attendant who always asks his customers more than what she sells them.

But these contents became popular among his followers and they can relate to his style of conversation and content. Wherever he went in the city like malls and other places, people would come to him excitedly and have photographs with him.

He considered those moments that are meaningful and priceless. He never thought that he is popular in real life in his hometown and the social media community.

He said that he wants to inject the value of hard work into the young generation because his generation was built for toughness and resilience.

He wants them to also value the most basic life skills because normally, the young generation could hardly survive challenges now. He urged parents to continue guiding their children - sons, and daughters until they also honed life’s basic skills.

Furthermore, he held a Meet and Greet with his fellow content creators Lexplorations, Mauee’s Happy Feet, Manang Reiann, and Akireality at SM City Bacolod on May 26. His social media fans came full of excitement and fun seeing him in real life on stage.

He extended his sincere gratitude to his fellow Bacolodnons and Negrenses who made his vacation fun and meaningful.

He also thanked Sunstar Bacolod for his media interview and exposure during his fun activities in the city.