The new store offers not only healthy and delicious Vietnamese sandwiches but also authentic Vietnamese coffee and refreshing drinks; baked spring rolls; pho; and salads.

Banh Mi is the Vietnamese term for baguette.

Owners Kevin and Marion Patawaran said their sandwich recipes are innovative, fresh and great tasting.

Among Banh Mi Kitchen’s bestsellers are The Classic Banh Mi, Protein Monster, Wagyu Tapa, Vegetarian Satay, and Lemongrass Chicken.

Banh Mi was founded by Ramoncito Santos who was looking for a product that was new, simple and easy to create in Vietnam. He experienced oddly delicious combination of flavors and fresh ingredients with local cuisines.

Upon his return to Manila, he decided to turn the idea of traditional and innovation into a product.

The first banh mi flavors were served in a crunchy bagutte on June 21, 2016 in its flagship store at SM Megamall.

Since then, Banh Mi Kitchen has expanded to become the fastest growing banh mi franchise in the Philippines.

Visit Bahn Mi Kitchen Ca Phe at The Infinity in Barangay Pulung Maragul.

Store Hours

Weekdays: 12PM - 9:30PM

Weekends: 12PM - 11PM