For app-savvy travelers, they’re most likely no strangers to Klook.

Klook is a travel and leisure e-commerce mobile app that offers a vast array of experiences anytime and anywhere. The name “Klook’’ itself is a clever abbreviation for “Keep Looking,” capturing its goal to help travelers explore over 515,000 travel experiences across more than 1,500 destinations.

When people travel with Klook, they experience the perks of earning Klook credits, indulging in private group tours, enjoying skip-the-line privileges, and benefiting from flexible cancellation options.

For Cebuano travelers, here are five things they should know about the app in order to make the most out of their travels:

Klook Cebu Pass

Available to both local and international tourists alike, an incredible selection of 14 thrilling attractions awaits and showcases what Cebu has to offer. From captivating theme parks to convenient day passes, these offerings empower individuals to craft their own personalized itineraries, tailored to their unique definition of joy. With the added benefit of bypassing multiple entrance fees, booking through Klook presents an excellent opportunity to save money while enjoying a fulfilling travel experience.

Combo hotel packages

Klook introduces an innovative program known as Stay+ deals, offering enticing packages that combine premier activities with hotel promotions. These bundles include not only comfortable accommodations but also convenient airport transfers, admission tickets to renowned attractions, WiFi access, and more, all at discounted rates.

Cebu special promotions

Cebuanos have the privilege of receiving a 10 percent discount on bookings for experiences and attractions through the Klook website. Simply use the code “CEBUSAVE10” when making your reservation before Aug. 31, 2023. Moreover, be on the lookout for upcoming campaigns this year that aim to enhance Cebu-specific experiences and further promote the growth of Cebu users, showcasing top global destinations.

Domestic tourism

“As a lot of things are now done online, we believe that digitalization is key to the continued growth of the tourism industry, and we at Klook are continuously working hard to innovate and make our platform more accessible to consumers and merchants in Cebu,” said Ullar Sy-Roqueza, Klook Philippines associate director for marketing.

Klook Philippines is dedicated to uplifting local tourism by simplifying the process of connecting travelers with activities through digitalization. This includes partnering with local merchants, running targeted promotions for Cebu users, and facilitating seamless bookings and payments.

Content Kreator program

Klook has garnered an impressive 3.8 million active users in the Philippines and an outstanding 96 percent positive rating. As a result, travel content creators are now joining forces with Klook to create even more memorable travel experiences. This exciting initiative brings together content creators and tastemakers who share their incredible journeys through Klook.

One notable example is Cebu-based influencer Kryz Uy and her family, who recently explored Singapore and shared their delightful experiences with Klook. The Content Kreator program makes Klook a trusted platform for exceptional travel adventures. S