P39-coffee has become the newest beverage trend in the Queen City of the South. The long queues outside these coffee pop-ups have been a topic in social media, spurring both the attention and curiosity of netizens. While there are skeptics who dismiss it as a mere fad, these emerging coffee businesses have the potential to make a noteworthy impact on the local coffee scene.

Here’s a round-up of Cebu’s beloved coffee shops and kiosks that believe that great coffee doesn’t have to be pricey to taste good:

Don Macchiattos

In 2022, Nickie San Juan, a passionate coffee enthusiast and co-owner of Don Macchiattos, embarked on a business venture that would start a trend in Cebu. Prior to becoming a mother, Nickie personally experienced the challenges of not being able to afford the indulgence of coffee when she was a student.

This personal journey became one of their motivations behind her and her partner’s decision to establish Don Macchiattos, a coffee venture dedicated to providing accessible coffee options without straining the budget.

Don Macchiattos, with its pioneering concept of making 39 coffee a reality, has successfully expanded its reach in Cebu left and right. The brand has made its mark in cities like Butuan, Puerto Princesa, Bohol, Masbate and more.

As Don Macchiattos continues to grow, it has introduced new flavors to their menu, catering to a wider audience. Among these additions, the Matcha flavor has gained significant popularity among the public, alongside their signature and viral Macchiato flavor.

Don Macchiatos’ beverage has achieved tremendous popularity, captivating netizens and igniting the P39 pesos trend. Inspired by its success, several coffee mobiles emerged, eager to capture a share of Cebu’s coffee market by providing beverages priced below P50.


Tucked in the City of Naga, what started as an online business grew into a kiosk which expanded quality coffee to the southern part of Cebu. The secret formula to Caffein8’s success is allowing customers to personalize their P39 drink with its mantra, “Customize your coffee with us!”

“We offer them a variation of syrups and pure made sauces that they can add on their cup of coffee and by taking care of brewing our coffee beans to perfection, it also really helps on giving them the best coffee experience which in fact, they can also add an espresso shot if they want to have a strong cup of coffee,” Caffein8 responded in an interview.

The kiosk now turned into a coffee shop also shared how it meets demands through a machine, especially when the shop gets bulk orders.

“Just a hint on how we make our espresso shots, we are using a manual brewing equipment and a manual coffee grinder to support our Breville machine,” Caffein8 responded.

Caffein8 Coffee Shop is located at West Poblacion, City of Naga, Cebu. Caffein8 also operates kiosks at Naga City Plaza and its recent expansion at Cebu Institute of Technology-University.


If you’re looking for a coffee with a straightforward appeal and a great aroma that will go well during rush hour, this coffee stall is perfect for your taste. Situated in Pardo, Cebu City, it is called “Kapeyato,” which combines the words “kape” and “iato” from the term “macchiato.” Kape’iato prides itself on locally sourced coffee beans from Baguio.

“We also use pure Arla fresh milk because we want our customers to level up their coffee experience,” Kape’iato said in an interview.

It started its business venture with a menu that consists of Iced Caramel Macchiato, Iced Mocha, Iced Choco, Iced Coffee, Black Coffee, and Hot Coffee Latte that are all priced at P39. Kape’iato has also added Matcha flavor to its offering.

“The process of making our satisfying iced coffee was originally made or inspired from the barista we had met, he actually offered us to learn the process and with his permission, we were able to execute this business,” Kape’iato explained.

Yumtams Cakes & Pastries Shop

Located in Inayawan, Cebu City, this dalgona coffee shop has carved a unique niche for itself by specializing in handcrafted creamy coffee, as well as a delectable assortment of cakes and pastries. What sets this establishment apart from its competitors is its commitment to producing purely handmade delights. The creamy coffees are priced between P39 for 12oz to P49 16oz.

“As coffee lovers, we experimented with different ways in making coffee and we ended up making this delicious Dalgona coffee at home with a twist,” said Yumtams in an interview.

To get into the visual detail, imagine dark chocolate dripping around the cup, poured with a significant amount of fresh milk and the handworked mixed coffee bubbling on top.

“Our brand uses local brands in ingredients. It is also new to the eyes of the people because it has a bubble effect at the top than the others,” Yumtams responded.


While the majority followed the P39 trend, this brand has lowered the price of its products to P35 making this even more enticing to consumers.

“We are a local brand who pushes affordability for everyone. Our brand focuses on giving a premium coffee experience and that will surely fit everyone’s standard,” Coffee.35 said in an interview.

“Our coffee is always freshly brewed in front of everyone. We got our very own coffee from Batangas’ famous coffee brand,” it added.

If you prefer a syrupy caramel drink, then this is definitely worth checking out! Starting with the first caramel drizzle around the cup, the full milk is poured next which will be followed by the freshly brewed coffee. Finally, a final touch of caramel drizzle adds a decadent finishing touch, ensuring every sip is infused with a syrupy caramel flavor.

You can get your P35 caffeine fix in Cogon, Pardo, Cebu City.

38 Coffee

With a unique and charming coffee experience at one peso less, 38 Coffee has made a name for itself by offering something truly special.

“We went through a lot of coffee tasting just to come up with this product because we ourselves are coffee lovers and like to go to artisan coffee and specialties,” said co-owner Ralph Eduard So in an interview.

38 Coffee is a labor of love, representing their passion for coffee, their appreciation for the craft, and their desire to share that love accessible to the community. Arla brand milk is used and poured into the cup at the time of order, providing customers confidence of a truly genuine coffee experience.

Its caramel is not just an ordinary ingredient as well—it’s a personalized mixture specially crafted by the owners themselves, using carefully selected ingredients that add a unique touch to every cup.

38 Coffee expands its reach by opening a new branch every week. Among its various locations, the largest branch is located at Cebu Technological University Main Campus. Additionally, it has branches in Lapu-Lapu, Junquera Street, Mandaue City, Mactan, as well as locations outside of Cebu such as Masbate and Bacolod.

Macchiato Up

There’s no shortage of coffee options after this kiosk has stepped up the game by having a total of six flavors with a price that starts at P39. The unique flavors include Macchiato Original, Macchiato Pearl, Macchiato Jelly, Macchiato Matcha, Macchiato Oreo and Macchiato Choco.

“Macchiato Up is an iced caramel macchiato coffee kiosk offering different varieties of Macchiato. We offer upgraded macchiato tastes that are very affordable,” said the owner in an interview.

Macchiato Up sets itself apart in the saturated coffee market by enhancing the traditional coffee preparation with unique combinations of ingredients and flavorful additions.

Visit its branches in Barangay Sto. Nino, Cebu City, and Metro Gaisano Colon for a cup of their delicious coffee. Stay tuned also for its upcoming expansion to Ormoc City.

Uncle Brew Philippines

Uncle Brew takes pride in its coffee, which is crafted from 100 percent pure coffee beans meticulously chosen from the finest Arabica and Robusta plantations. As a burgeoning business venture in Cebu, the owners assure customers of unparalleled flavors that can uplift your mood even the gloomiest of days.

“By using a blend of both beans, Uncle Brew creates a coffee that has a balanced flavor profile, with a rich aroma, medium body, and a smooth finish,” said the coffee shop in an interview.

Whether you like it hot or cold, Uncle Brew will deliver competently brewed cups of joes that will get you in the mood.These good blends are available in its 50 plus branches such Talisay, Pasil, Carbon, T-Padilla, Sanciangko, Lagtang, Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu.

“Uncle Brew is the new innovative brand that brews and serves a variety of affordable hot and iced drinks. The brand operates on low-cost ingredients with first-rate taste profiles,” Uncle Brew said in an interview.

Its unique selection of five carefully crafted beverages are for only P39 with flavors that include: Iced Caramel Macchiato, Spanish Latte, Sweetened Black Americano, Matcha Latte, Hot Choco, Iced Choco and Panda Pearl Milk Tea.