Have you ever wanted to be strong, not only in physical prowess, but also mental fortitude and emotional stability? Something that is often overlooked when one achieves strength is how easily it can be used to cause harm. We see it all the time in many stories where villains acquire power and walk down the path of evil. Though anyone wants to have the power to protect oneself, one must not forget who one was before all the power and the strength.

It is important to know the type of strength one desires before starting to build strength. One way to know is to understand one’s Heaven Luck through and through. Heaven Luck is a factor of Human Success that relates to our past, traits, and future. Though rare, one might desire mental fortitude, but work to improve their body. This would cause one to feel weak or powerless despite all effort. With careful planning and self-reflection, one may not need to waste time or effort to garner the strength one desires.

After knowing where one starts, the real work starts. Where one starts to work towards what one desires is called Man Luck, in my line of work. However, Man Luck isn’t just hard work. It is also one’s plan to set a more favorable moment for oneself. An example would be, if one would desire physical strength, one shouldn’t just walk into the gym without knowing anything. With research and preparation, one’s growth can be accelerated and easier.

Stability is the top priority of many people. However, for stability to be acquired, a strong foundation has to be set for anything to be strong. In my line of work, where a strong foundation can be set is in one’s Earth Luck, the last factor of Human success which deals with one’s environment. There can be times that our environment, the very thing that one relies on, can be something that drains one of strength. Though stability can be found in uneven ground, it is more susceptible for destruction.

Power is reliable. When one proves to be capable with their strength, it can be something not only oneself can rely on, but can be relied on by others as well. However, with great power comes great responsibility. It is often those in power that cause us to feel weak and seek power to begin with. With the strength that one achieves, one must work to be strong for oneself and for those who are not as well, lest we become the very people who made us weak.