Some who have been following Catholic mystics and their prophecies are reportedly now doubtful, even impatient, as many of the prognostications have not come to pass as they had expected. This, despite the realization of several specific prophecies: the Twin Tower destruction, the Covid 19 pandemic, the start of war between Russia and Ukraine (prophesied to escalate), among other dire prophecies made in the recent decades.

It should be remembered, however, that all the prophecies were issued conditionally. What is, they could be prevented or at least assuaged by conversions, prayers, fasting, etc. Indeed, one of the visionaries in the apparitions of the Blessed Mother in Medjugorje said a dire prophecy which she referred to as the “seventh secret” was withdrawn because of prayers and fasting.

Still, mystics are saying that many of the chastisements have become inevitable because enough conversion in the world is no longer expected. Only their gravity could be lessened by prayers, fasting, and other such means that the prophecies themselves identify.

The website has attempted to explain God’s timing. It says diving timing is not “Chronos” which refers to measurable time. To make this clear, it cited this example:

“A parent who says, ‘My son will be graduating from high school a year from this spring’ is using chronos.

The website noted that God’s timing is more in the realm of “Kairos” which, it said. means “the appointed time” or “the proper moment,” adding that “this type of time is measured not by the calendar, but by the completion or fulfillment of certain conditions or events.”

It cited this example to explain Kairos: “If a child asks ‘When can I get my own smartphone like all my friends?’, the parent who responds ‘When you’re ready’ (i.e., ‘When I think you’re mature enough,’ or ‘When I think you’ve earned it or can be trusted with it’).

Meanwhile, I am sharing the mystical experience of Harriet Hammons, a Catholic of good standing, who belongs to the Mission San Antonio de Pala Catholic Church at the Indian reservation in Pala, California. She is one of the few people who were given the chance to experience the Warning that would eventually be experienced by all humans one of these days, as prophesied in the Marian apparitions in Garabandal, Spain in the 1960s. I have heard that Church authorities in her parish had given their blessings for Harriet to share her experience.

The Warning, as prophesied in Garabandal (which St. Padre Pio had confirmed as supernatural), would be followed by the Great Miracle and the Chastisement.

Credible mystics are telling us that the Warning and the Great Miracle are to happen in our lifetime.

Harriet described experiencing the Warning as “traumatic.”

“I can tell you this, it was traumatic to see and hear things you thought had been taken care of and was not!” she said.

Our Lord Jesus Christ told Harriet: "My beloved, you are now starting to experience a part of your Warning or what some are calling their ‘mini-judgment.' Your soul is now before Me as you have wished and prayed for it to be. The Holy Spirit, Our Holy Spirit,

will be guiding you through events of how the Father and I see your soul, and have seen it throughout your lifetime.

“You are about to understand how some of My children will not be able to handle this in the light and magnitude of what is to be shown them; the state of their souls as We (truine God) see and know them.

“As the Holy Spirit unfolds to you how We see your soul, you will have a glimpse as to why so many sols cannot come to join Us immediately in Heaven, upon their departure from the world, to be with Us for all Eternity, in complete love and bliss and in Our Presence. There must not be the slightest stain of any kind or nature of sin to impede your being in full communion with the saints and angels ands with your spirit to

be one with Us, in Our Spirit for all Eternity.

“No one can come to Us in Heaven unless they are truly perfect as My Heavenly Father is perfect. This is how you were created and how He intended you, His children, to be, enabling you to be in Him and see Him in His true and magnificent Majesty, His True Presence.

“My children, how We will welcome each of you with loving and open arms, taking you into the abyss of Our Hearts, to forgive willingly the offenses you yourselves have created and have done to hurt the Heart of your God.

“There is no offense, nothing that will not be forgiven, if you come in true contrition of heart and soul to Us, but, come, please, and come NOW.

“We love all of you so very much and want so much for that love to be returned. Some do not believe this necessary because as God, they feel We do not need anything. This is false! We do need you. You were created to know, love and serve your Creator, your God. I came to earth to show you how this was to be, by My serving you, by My Love for each of you, so much so that I consented to die on a cross for each of you from the

beginning to the end of time.

“You were created to return the love We give and have for you, to your God; to trust Him in all things and at all times. You have been saved because of My suffering, death and

resurrection, and now you have access to the Heavenly Kingdom because of My death and resurrection. I expiated, suffered for all your sins, for all sin since Adam and Eve, until I shall come again, to take all of you, My children, who wish with Me into eternal joy and happiness.

“The world has gone so far away from their God. Children, you do not even know your God any more and the reason why you were created. That is why, before I come again to Judge as a Just God, My Father in His unfathomable Mercy will be giving His children, His most loved ones, a chance to repent now and come back to His loving embrace.

“Take advantage, My children, of this great act of mercy which is about to happen. Continue to pray for this enlightenment NOW.

“Our Holy Spirit is working in many hearts and souls, showing them how We see them and We are giving them the opportunity of repentance now in order to be pure vessels which We can use to help Our other children, who will be in much need of help, consolation and direction. This is all guidance given to each of you, through the Holy Spirit, and through the Heart of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, your Mother.

“Children, it will not be easy, but know I will be there. My Mother is with you, as are your angels and saints. All will be supporting you in this grave period of your lives, so you will

thoroughly prepared and ready to go forward in grace and in My light, to help Us in the mission for souls.

“My Peace, Love, and Heart I give you now. Come and hide within My Wounds, the Wounds you see on the Crucified Christ and there you will find comfort, Peace and Love. You will know all is well...

“Strive to be in the state of grace always, fighting the temptations to sin and the committing of the same faults again and again. Stand up and fight Satan NOW, under the of My Cross. You will win this battle if you stay focused on Me completely in your life, to abide with you in Love and Peace.

“Give Me your hearts, your souls, your wills. I cannot take them unless you willingly give them, NOW, to Me. When I have you completely and We are truly One in the Spirit, miracles will happen. Peace, love and happiness will live in each of you and I

will reign in all hearts, as was meant to be from the beginning of time."