A MAN fell in love with a woman he saw in a photo at an old hotel. It was the same woman, old and beautiful, he met a few years back who strangely told him to "come back to me".

This was the classic Somewhere in Time movie in 1980 starring Christopher Reeve, the original Superman, and the beautiful Jane Seymour. It was filmed in the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in Michigan.

I saw the movie when I was in Grade 4, and I was fascinated and so engrossed with the movie because I grew up watching the original Superman every now and then.

But it was not just about Christopher Reeve. The movie itself and the soundtrack were so haunting that I have watched the movie several times up to this day.

Until now, I had been looking for a music box with its instrumental song. Just like in the movie. I have not found one yet.

What's more fascinating is the opportunity to be right there on Mackinac Island, right at the Grand Hotel, which was opened in 1887. Thanks to my friend, Dorena Villabroza-Robert, and her family for bringing me there.

It says, with its magnificent colonial porch, the longest in the world, it is a classic example of gracious living seldom seen today. It is the world's largest summer hotel.

So, I was there enthralled with the idea that it was the setting of my all-time favorite movie. It was the first movie that stirred my imagination about love and loving.

That there is one true love in our lifetime. That love comes in the most unexpected time and place. That love takes off our fears and doubts and keeps us alive. That love is not something you find but something that finds you.

And the list goes on and on.

While feeling the scorching heat with a very cold wind, I hummed the movie's song every now and then. I just cannot believe that after 40 years, I am standing right at my favorite scenes.

The place when Elise (Seymour) saw Richard (Reeve) for the first time and said, "It's you." It was as if she had been waiting for him all her life. And him wanting to meet the love of his life.

Probably, we are like them too in unique ways. We meet people and find a connection with them. Each one of us has a special love story to share.

Mackinac Island, with its old-timey leisure and Victorian-era designs, can be explored by bike ride along the lakeside trail in one to two hours.

After 30 years, I was able to pedal a bike again for the first time. Good thing I still knew how to balance myself and carry on with some moderate up and down trail.

While enjoying the lake and lush trees and embracing the cold wind, I can see couples and families riding on bikes too or simply walking around.

I can see that love is alive in every corner. Love makes them move. Love brings them together. And as the songs say, love makes the world go round.

If you have not seen the movie up to this time, you missed one of the most beautiful films produced in this lifetime. You miss the beauty of love and loving. You miss the beauty of the island.

It is still the same with Elises and Richards wanting to love each other more. The island has additional features because people from all over the world make it their destination.

Who knows, somewhere in time, you'll find your true love on an island or the place where you are now.