PERFORMERS from Southpoint School made a grand comeback on stage after almost three years of hiatus post-pandemic.

The musical play “Amusi4” happened on May 27, 2023 at Southpoint School, which enabled students to showcase their talents in acting, singing, and dancing, opening opportunities to the field of theatre and the arts.

Amusi4, with the theme “I have a dream, what is your dream?” is a theatre production that presents a series of musicals combined into a one-hour and 30-minute live performance.

Various clubs in dance, choir, and theatre, along with guest alumni performers outside the institution, collaborate to establish such a show.

The school annually throws a musical play spearheaded by senior students aimed at creating a space and growth for student performers.

This event is a celebration of the diverse talents of young individuals and a training ground for production making.

The creative director, Cherryl Abrigo, mentioned that this event further serves as a fundraising event for the scholars of the school.

“The proceeds of the show will go to the existing and incoming scholars of the school. A part of it will also go to the improvement of the facilities for performing,” Abrigo said.

Students were ecstatic with the performances, especially since these have been hindered from being on stage brought by the pandemic. Now with the adjusted and improved health protocols, these students are back on track with training and rehearsals.

“The people should be expecting a bigger and even better theatre production of homegrown talents from the school. Next year would be a great opportunity to take our production to a bigger stage and audience,” said Keziah Morales, the production choreographer.

The school is looking forward to another grand show next year with the producers aiming to give the audience a better experience for future productions.

“We aren’t sure what the production will be for next year yet, but we are certain that it won’t disappoint,” Morales added.