Talagang walang forever

Walang forever! Eat Bulaga nga nawala sa ere after 44 years on the idiot box. History will tell us that Even Genghis and Kublai Khan of Mongolia faded. Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin likewise.The Romanovs of Russia ended their rule after more than 300 years in power. There were many more.The list is endless. Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Ghadaffi of Libya. Even the longest sentence has a period or an exclamation point. Goodbye to Digong Duterte and welcome Bongbong Marcos. After BBM, baka si Raffy Tulfo naman.

In our province I never thought that the Nepomucenos will be outlasted by the Lazatins. Not a single Nepomuceno is in Pampanga politics today. (Where are you Robin, Francis and Bryan?) The Macapagals are still around. But up to when? I don’t have an answer to that. In my many years of being a media person, I can safely say I have seen it all. They came and go. I have seen many political leaders who in their years carved their own niches. Some we remember others consigned to oblivion.

Interesting local stories of politicians is in San Fernando. I consider the late Armando P. Biliwang as the most colorful and controversial. Dondoy, that’s how friends and kins called him was mayor during the so-called dark days. The dissident movement in Pampanga was in its height. Before he became a politician he was a clerk in a hardware store owned by Filipino-Chinese businessman but politics beckoned. Earlier than Biliwang’s time there was the late Dr. Jose Quiwa , a dentist who presided on the growth of the town in the early years.

There were other outstanding men who served the capitol town with their own brand of public service. Among them Levi Panlilio, Col. Amante Bueno, Vic Macalino, Virgilio Sanchez, Pat Guevarra and Rey Aquino. Legacy wise, one who really endeared himself to the Fernandinos is none other than Oscar Rodriguez, a former congressman too. He was also not born to riches, like the tiktoker Mayor Vilma Caluag.

He was both an outstanding mayor and member of the House of Representatives. Representing the third district of Pampanga, Rodriguez had a colorful stint in congress capped by being one of the prosecutors in the impeachment trial against then President Joseph Estrada. He was chairman of the House committee on justice. His stay in congress was remarkable.

Though a native of Sta. Ana town, he elected to establish residence in St. Jude Subdivision in the capitol town. He practiced law. Worked under then Court of First Instance Judge Ceferino Gaddi. Later he was also appointed then by the late Pampanga Governor Bren Z. Guiao as provincial administrator. Then he got involved in active politics.

TIDBITS: Wazzup in Clark Development Corporation? First time since it was founded in 1993 that a controversy was discussed in the senate and some officials invited to shed light in a hearing. Hurriedly, former Philippine National Police Major General Keith Singian resigned as vice president for security services... Congratulations to Joshua ‘Jake’ Bingcang, newly appointed president of Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA). The handsome looking guy from Mexico,Pampanga rose from the ranks...Belated happy birthday to Congressman Jonjon Lazatin and my friend Remy Bautista Canlas. Both threw big parties for their kins and friends last Sunday.


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