THE Philippine Stock Exchange reported on Monday, June 5, 2023, that the number of online stock market accounts rose by 8.6 percent in 2022 to 1,258,907 accounts.

Despite the muted growth in online accounts compared to previous years, the average value per online transaction rose by 33.2 percent to P46,236.40 from P34,701.80 in 2021.

While close to 100,000 online accounts were added last year, its non-online counterpart recorded a decrease of 7,156 accounts to 453,827.

Given this, the total stock market accounts registered in 2022 was at 1,712,734, up by 5.7 percent from 2021’s 1,620,017 accounts. The accounts were mostly owned by local retail investors as they held a little over 98.0 percent of the total stock market accounts.

Institutional investors and foreign investors owned 1.9 percent and 1.7 percent of the total stock market accounts, respectively. (PR)