(Foreword: This is the continuation of our response to Suzanne P.s query on hepatitis B.)

Dear Suzanne P.,

Now, moving on. If there is less hepatitis B virus being produced, then there is less damage to the liver. One of the good things is, sometimes the drugs used for this disease can make the virus go away.

Moreover, with all of the new exciting research today, there could be hope that someday, a complete cure will be found, especially for chronic hepatitis B. As long as theres a flicker of hope, we should not just give up.

I would like to cite a study done in Australia. This is quite exciting because that cancer drug was able to clear away 100 percent of hepatitis B infections in preclinical models.

What the researchers did was use a combination of the cancer drug birinapant and the antiviral drug entecavir to completely eliminate hepatitis B infections.

Now, if the researchers can duplicate the results in human clinical trials, then the drug may become the first-ever cure for the hepatitis B virus and may serve as a model for treating other viruses, such as HIV and herpes. But, we still have to wait for some years for the results. We have to pray hard for success  so, the humankind can benefit from that someday.

Well, as much as there are more issues to talk about, then, let me finish this again in my next

issue. Until then again!

Dr. Fritz


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