What is happening with local law enforcement?

Recent events from Metro Clark and the City of San Fernando seem to tell us that somebody is not doing his/her job well. What have they been doing? Natutulog sa pansitan?

Take the case of City of San Fernando. A report by Princess Clea Arcella of this paper stated that recent cases (yes, plural because there were three incidents in one village in one night last week) of robbery inside a subdivision remain unsolved. Some valuables were carted away in that daring heist.

Now, I would understand if CSF residents are now fearful. Why wouldn’t they? They could be asking that if this incident happened in a gated subdivision, all the more that it could take place in ordinary residential areas.

What’s keeping CSF police from effecting arrest (as of this writing)?. This, despite CCTV that caught the faces of the perps.

I was told that CSF Mayor Vilma Caluag is already getting impatient and wants the local police to move at a faster pace.


Now, let’s go to malls and supermarkets where businessman Rene Romero said there is “excessive counter-checking.” I agree with that observation which also borders onto distrust.

While this is may not be directly under law enforcement duties, the police can always come in to check if the security guards (at malls) are doing their jobs correctly. I believe that rules on checks and counter-checks are somehow governed by policies that emanate from the police. From the word itself: police, an offshoot of policy.

An account of his regrettable experience was reported in this paper. It reads:

“The businessman shared his experience at a big multi-national store, located at SM City Clark, which sells outdoor and sports equipment. Romero admitted that he felt a bit embarrassed when the establishment's security guard checked his receipt and the items he bought.

Imagine, the cashier already checked the items I bought then the bagger at the counter even made a double-checking before we placed the goods inside the paper bags. When we were about to go out, the store's guard standing near the counter checked again the items and my receipts. Checking the items for three consecutive times is to much," the businessman said in the vernacular.”

Romero, widely respected for his advocacies on orderliness and business ethics and developments, said that counter-checking need not be too much and “may be conducted at random and not as a matter of standard procedure.”

He is correct, after all, customers are the lifeblood of business like big malls and supermarkets which also has those CCTVs (and civilian-clad security people). No need for an overkill.


Inside Clark Freeport, there was also this big issue on human trafficking at Sun Valley, which, to sum it up manifests neglect insofar as law enforcement and monitoring are concerned.

CDC has admitted that there was “failure of intelligence” where 1,090 individuals, mostly foreign nationals, were rescued at a POGO company in buildings at Sun Valley resort area. They were working for a company that is not registered as a Clark enterprise.

CDC President Agnes Devanadera has ordered the suspension of “all top officers of (CDC) Security Group” due to the incident. She did not give names pending the completion of the investigation.

CDC is now cracking the whip. Aside from the suspension of some of its organic security personnel. It has also terminated lease contracts and registration of lesee-firms that were involved in the fiasco. That is the right thing to do. This sends a signal that CDC does not condone malfeasance. You do wrong, you face consequence. Clark has always been known to be tough on misdemeanors and unscrupulous elements. Except probably for pasaway who think they can get away with traffic violations, there are no big crimes in Clark as commonly happening in other communities.


The fiasco has warranted an inquiry by the Senate Committees on Family Relations, Women, and Gender Equality.

CDC has also reported that the incident has led to the repatriation of less than 200 foreign nationals, 10 individuals charged with violation Cyber Crime Law and the endorsement to the Bureau of Immigration for the cancellation of 775 working visas.

Devanadera has also announced that CDC will undertake a major review of policies in the issuance of work permits to foreign nationals, monitoring and operation of POGOs in Clark as it reaffirmed its commitment to help curb human trafficking. `