"LET THE people decide," Negros Occidental acting Governor Jeffrey Ferrer said on the joint venture agreement between Central Negros Electric Cooperative (Ceneco) and Primelectric Holdings, Inc.

He said the decision of the people would be manifested during the plebiscite set for June 24 and 25 and July 1 and 2.

But he stressed that he is sure that the majority would say "yes" to the JVA because of the ailing status of Ceneco at this time as they don’t have funds to sustain better service through better facilities and equipment.

He said that based on the results of the symposium that was conducted last week, the majority of the barangay leaders said that JVA is an urgent matter to address the massive brownouts that have been happening at their service areas.

Ferrer said the JVA is the only solution to the problem of Ceneco.

He also explained that Ceneco and Primelectric are following the right procedure, adding that after the both parties signed the JVA, it shall then be subjected to people's/consumers approval through a plebiscite.

"In case ‘no’ wins, then the JVA will not push through," he said, but he stressed that he is confident that the majority will favor the joint venture.

He said the JVA is not being rushed as claimed by some oppositors.

"The plebiscite is scheduled so as to not be affected by the incoming barangay elections,” he said.

Ceneco general manager Arnel Lapore said they are working out to extend the holding of the plebiscite to two more days or a total of six days.

Of the total number of Ceneco consumer-members which is 214,000, one half of it plus one vote constitute the majority to win the plebiscite, he said.

Proxy voting is allowed by the plebiscite, 100 voting results are required, as the election would be administered by Ceneco.*