I laud the appointments of Atty. Gibo Teodoro as Defense Secretary and Dr. Ted Herbosa as Health Secretary. I commend their outstanding credentials and extensive expertise, especially their ability to tackle the critical challenges ahead.

With great responsibility on their shoulders, Secretary Herbosa and Secretary Teodoro are poised to lead their respective departments through these demanding times.

We in the House of Representatives, under the leadership of Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez, stand alongside them in sharing those burdens by making available the resources they need to accomplish their missions over the next several years of the administration of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Both appointees possess valuable insights into the public health and security situations in the Bicol Region.

Secretary Herbosa is well aware of the importance of the Bicol Medical Center and other regional Department of Health hospitals, as well as the crucial need for regional specialty hospitals to give Filipinos in the provinces the same high level of tertiary care that is available in Metro Manila.

Having led the Department of National Defense before, Secretary Teodoro is also aware of what needs to be done to address the peace and order and insurgency situations in Bicol and other parts of the country.

We await with high anticipation their budget proposals and action plans on the most pressing urgent and long-term challenges their departments face.

The Filipino public and stakeholders are eagerly waiting for the comprehensive proposals that will shape the future of the defense and health sectors under the leadership of Secretary Teodoro and Secretary Herbosa.