VICTORIAS City Mayor Javier Miguel Benitez assured that the city government is monitoring the daily compliance of Victorias Milling Corporation (VMC) on its commitment to address the effects of the molasses spillage that happened in its compound on May 5.

Benitez said the bad smell brought by the molasses spillage has been persistent.

He said VMC has increased their liming to reach a certain pH level.

Benitez emphasized the city government is serious when it comes to the general welfare of the people.

"We are also serious about the damage to our natural resources especially our bodies of water. That's where many of our fisher folks, especially in neighboring Brgy. 6-A, get their livelihood. It has a ripply effect on other livelihoods and industries in Victorias," he said.

The mayor said VMC has given food packs and rice to all households of Brgy. 13.

They also had a technical conference with representatives of VMC and Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) which will be announced soon, Benitez said in a press conference on Tuesday, June 6.

"We have to fully implement the full effect of the Clean Air and Clean Water Act," Benitez also emphasized.

So far, VMC already decommissioned its 10-tonner tank, the mayor said.

Asked if he is satisfied with how VMC is addressing the spillage problem, Benitez said his team reported that they are very serious and very concerned.

"They are doing their best to resolve these. I'm sure they don't want this to happen. It is damaging their reputation," he said.

"On our end, we are going to implement the full effect of the law. We will continue to provide preventive measures so it won't happen again. The assistance should be given to all those affected," Benitez also said.

"How can we prevent this from happening again? What's the better way for waste treatment? We are exploring how the wastewater can be converted into organic liquid fertilizer. We are exploring all options," he added.*