The joys of fatherhood, Islamic way

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THIS month, we celebrate the greatness of fathers around the world. Like many fathers, whose wisdom stands the test of time, Mohammad Juhar D. Disomimba of Tamparan, Lanao Del Sur, truly understands the profound joy of fatherhood.

Becoming the mayor of the only Islamic municipality once plagued by fear is no easy feat. When Mayor Juhar accepted the challenge of leading his town, he knew he needed to embody more than just a leader. Compassion and social awareness are two well-known qualities of Mayor Juhar, acknowledged by his colleagues and people alike.

But where does this innate paternal attitude stem from? What makes him a visionary leader for a revitalizing municipality is that he practices his principles at home. After all, how can one become an effective leader if they can't even organize their household?

Mayor Juhar was 26 years old when he married Rafeeqa Salic Disomimba. Together, they confronted the challenges of balancing politics and culture while raising six healthy children, a source of immense pride for them both. Celebrating 15 years of togetherness stands as one of Mayor Juhar's proudest moments.

"Alhamdulillah, they're doing well. They possess knowledge of Islam, observe their prayers, and are conscious of their dietary choices," he shared. "But sometimes, children can be mischievous, making it challenging to guide them."

One of the greatest fears parents have is that their openness may lead their children astray. Like any parent, Mayor Juhar often worries that his children may change and develop attitudes that differ from those of their parents. However, he also perceives it as a silver lining.

"I have also noticed that children these days seem to be good and intelligent," he remarked. "I am delighted when they learn verses from the Qur'an at such a young age, as we didn't have that opportunity in our time."

Mayor Juhar's fulfillment in his children shines through. He consistently speaks highly of their achievements in their respective grade levels and areas of expertise.

One of Mayor Juhar's well-known traits is his compassion for his people. Recognizing that the community needed a morale boost after the crisis that struck the land, he championed the revival of the Araw ng Tamparan. Similarly, he extends his care to the youth.

"That is why we must make an effort to ensure our children do not lose their way. We must emphasize the benefits of doing good and the importance of avoiding harmful deeds as much as possible," he emphasized.

Above all, he always prioritizes his children. "It is true that our children bring us happiness. I am delighted when I see them happy and when they develop learning. Therefore, at times, I grant them their wishes."

Tamparan is fortunate to have such a benevolent, conscientious, and well-mannered leader, whose familial values permeate the streets and corners of their town. Most importantly, his love and vision for his children exemplify the qualities he imparts to the people he leads. PR


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