A FEW days before turning 16, Viva South artist Jaden Narvios stepped out of her sheltered life as the youngest child in the family and performed before the media to introduce herself and her first single, the infectiously upbeat “Maniwala.”

Composed by her older sister, Justine, who is also a Viva South artist, the song speaks of “holding on to one’s faith when times get tough.”

Jaden, who loves to dance hip-hop and sing RnB songs, said she has always looked up to her sister, both as a performer and a person. So, when Justine asked her to perform the song she composed for her and make it her debut single, it was the song’s message—“to trust in God and believe that everything will be alright”—that made her say yes despite her apprehension.

Jaden, who received the Outstanding Artist Award for Dance at the recent Junior High School Completion ceremonies of the Sacred Heart School-Ateneo de Cebu, gave members of the media a preview of what to expect from her as a budding performer.

“I want to share my love for music and give back—from being inspired by other people to becoming the one to do the inspiring,” she said during the press conference held at the Botejyu restaurant in SM Seaside City Cebu.

Shy yet articulate and well-mannered, Jaden turned giddy when talking about the artist she wants to collaborate with—Cebuano singer-actor Kyle Echarri.

“I love his style and his swag and I know I will learn a lot from him when it comes to performing,” she said.

Another Filipino artist she looks up to is Sarah Geronimo. And among the international stars, Justin Bieber is her favorite.

Being too young to think of how she wants her music career to go, Jaden for now wants people to get to know her through her debut single “Maniwala,” released by Viva Records and out now on all digital music platforms. (NGM S)