“BE IN SPORTS, not in drugs,” may be a cliché, but it is still true today. The youth are always encouraged to play sports, instead of using (illegal) drugs.

Playing sports can improve self-esteem, as well as discipline, accountability, commitment, and leadership. It can also reduce stress and help make decisions. It is an action that can make happy hormones.

Drugs can cause a mental disorder. It causes hallucinations, delusions, and addiction. It can make one lose his memory. It can also make one paranoid and lose sleep (insomnia). It can cause anxiety and depression. It destroys the brain and changes the way it functions. It can also trigger violent behaviors.

It can also be physically harmful. It can cause a heart attack, increases blood pressure, weight loss and liver problems. Some inhalants may cause hearing loss and slurred speech.

Many organizations and schools often schedule a Sportsfest. Competing in different sports can showcase one’s skills and can develop camaraderie between teams and rival teams. It can strengthen friendship.

The Youth for Mary and Christ (YMC) in Negros Occidental recently held the annual Sportsfest at the Sacred Heart Seminary with the theme “Journeying together towards Holiness and Solidarity through Sports and Camaraderie.” Many YMC members attended from both public and private schools in Negros Occidental.

Before the actual games started, there was a catechism, and a Holy Mass was celebrated. Team games included basketball and volleyball while the board games were darts, Othello, chess, dama, scrabble, Chinese checkers, and games of the general. Badminton was also part of the contest.

Discipline was part of the game. No foul languages – if said, it will be deducted from the total points. Additional points can be earned through the best uniform and best banners.

Cheers to the winners:

Basketball – Cabug National High School

Volleyball – Bata National High School

Badminton – Alangilan National High School

Games of the general – Silay Institute

Scrabble – Bacolod City National High School

Dart – St. Theresita’s Academy

Chinese checkers – Mandalagan National High School

Otello – Manalangin National High School

Chess – Bata National High School

Dama – Sum-ag National High School

Best in uniform – Fr. Gratian Murray AFSC Integrated School and Sum-ag National High School

Best in attendance – Fr. Gratian Murray AFSC Integrated School


Tarpaulin – St. Theresita’s Academy

Tailored – Bacolod City National High School

Cartolina – handmaid – Silay Institute

Congratulations to everyone, and to the winners for a job well done. All are winners. The point is enjoying the day with each other.

Fr. Aloysius Ma. Moraga, MMHC, Pastoral Director, said he is grateful to all who attended the activity – to the YMC members and to the Animators (Adviser) and to the MMHC Brothers and Candidates who helped make the Sportsfest successful. He hopes to see everyone again next year.