THE Leah D. Remolado Arts and Events Center launched a collaborative painting exhibition, "Bahandi,"on June 2, 2023, at the Capitol University Museum of Three Cultures Art Gallery, showcasing the masterpieces of 14 visual artists.

In line with the celebration of the National Heritage Month, Flower's Month and Father's Month, the art exhibit features the paintings, sculptures and metal arts of talented visual artist, namely: Nic Aca, Donnie Ray Obina, Jose Ramil "Emie" Borres, Jacinto Geronimo Jr., Darlene Joy Jañala, Apolinario "Jun" Casilao Jr., Genevieve Lazarte Estrada, Lito Busgano, Reymond Labonite, Jayson Labtan, Sam Penaso, Jeffrey Ouano, Lloyd Hinosolango, and Leah Remolado, the artistic director, trainer and events organizer.

"I want to create unity and cooperation with fellow artists para ma-expose pud ang ilang obra maestra and uplift their talents, their skills," Remolado said.

She added that the art show is also an avenue for artists, some of whom came from outside Cagayan de Oro such as Manila, Iligan and Cebu, to bond.

Hobart Savior, the artistic director of The Xavier Stage and the guest of honor during the event, expressed his gratitude to the artists participating in the exhibit, saying that from their creation, the messages they sent out challenged and hammered the status quo.

"An exhibit like this will always remind us that as artists, we are willing to share our ingenuity and our talent. You don't only share your own personhood, but you also share images, narratives, lores and voices," Savior said.

Bahandi is also an art exhibit for a cause of the two visual artists in Cagayan de Oro, one of whom is suffering in sickness and needs financial support.

"One of the artists is suffering from heart failure. A certain percentage of the proceeds will go to the artist who is sick right now," Remolado said.

The other recipient of the art exhibit's proceeds is the family of the late Pennessencio "Nonoy" Estarte, one of the founders of the Cagayan de Oro Art Guild, who passed away on May 22 at the age of 72.

Bahandi will run from June 2 to July 2, 2023.

The Leah D. Remolado Arts and Events Center is a private and advocacy institution that aims to provide the students and the participants the perspective of proper guidance, motivation, inspiring potentials and to train and develop skills, craftsmanship in a practical application for a more creative and productive individuals in the education of arts, community activities and preparing for their future career-oriented in a well-round craft aspirations.