THE Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) is conducting an investigation to identify the man who called a City Hall employee and requested the delivery of 80 sacks of rice for the police personnel using the name of CCPO Director Colonel Ireneo Dalogdog.

According to the top police official in Cebu City, a Colonel Ireneo Dalogdog impostor called the Treasurer's Office and requested a sack of rice because he had a program.

Fortunately, the official called Dalogdog, who denied the charge.

According to Dalogdog, it is against his nature for anyone to exploit his name to solicit money or any other favor.

Dalogdog admitted that it is difficult to identify the culprit because the sim card can be thrown away after making a call since the Sim Registration Law is not yet in full effect.

As a result, Dalogdog warned the public not to believe anyone who calls them on the phone using his identity and requests a favor.

(I urge the people that if someone calls them and asks for something or says anything else that is not good, just call me. We have a hotline number or you can convince him to show up so we can arrest him).

In the past, a catering company was also a victim after a caller posing as Mayor Michael Rama placed an order for food, borrowed P10,000, and promised to pay it back after the meal was delivered. (AYB, TPT)