I am deeply frustrated over the prolonged detention of former senator Leila de Lima. She deserves a speedy trial as enshrined in our Constitution.

I cannot help think about all the speedy trials of other prominent individuals recently, while Leila, who brought to light the abuses of the bloody drug war under the Duterte administration, is still languishing in jail for six years and counting.

I call for an immediate and decisive end to this cycle of oppression. Stop this travesty of justice now!

It is also alarming that testimonies from self-serving sources are still being entertained here. Many of these false witnesses have already recanted their accusations against Leila, so why is her case still caught in the incredible lies and deception woven by these drug lords?

Again, for the sixth year in a row, this ruthless tide of injustice against Leila must stop, and the trumped-up charges immediately dropped.

And to my fellow Filipinos and to all human rights advocates, let us ensure that justice is not just reserved for the powerful and privileged, and that in this country, justice is not just a fairy tale.