THREE Grade 9 students of Tagjaguimit National High School in City of Naga, southern Cebu were allegedly possessed by evil spirits last Wednesday at 3 p.m., June 7, 2023.

Cheryl, one of the victims, claimed she was having trouble breathing inside the classroom when she saw four males standing close to the door, but her classmates had not noticed them.

Her two classmates started to become possessed after a short while.

Cheryl claimed that she was unaware of what transpired next and that she didn't become conscious until they were led to the church.

Francisca Traya, Cheryl's grandmother, claimed that a white man frequently appeared to her granddaughter and that she had long been admired by otherworldly beings.

According to her, today's children have poor faith in the Lord, which makes it easier for them to be possessed by bad spirits.

She claimed that today's youth don't have time to pray because they are glued to their cellular phones.

She urged the young people to strengthen their faith in order to be protected from the evil elements. (BBT, TPT)