Content moderation outsourcing Philippines: Leading the way

Content moderation outsourcing Philippines: Leading the way. (Photo from PITON Global)
Content moderation outsourcing Philippines: Leading the way. (Photo from PITON Global)

OUTSOURCING content moderation to the Philippines is a rapidly growing trend among companies that need to monitor and regulate the content on their platforms. Social media giants like Facebook and TikTok, gaming companies, and other online platforms are increasingly turning to the Philippines to ensure their online communities remain safe and welcoming.

Ralf Ellspermann, co-chief executive officer of PITON - Global is a seasoned expert in content moderation outsourcing. He said: “One company that has been outsourcing content moderation to the Philippines is Facebook. The company currently employs over 10,000 content reviewers in the Philippines who help monitor the platform for violations of community standards, such as hate speech and misinformation. This team is a crucial component of Facebook’s efforts to maintain the platform as a safe place for users to interact."

He added: “TikTok also has several thousand content moderators working for them in the Philippines who review and remove inappropriate content. Both Facebook and TikTok have implemented AI-powered tools to aid in identifying content that violates their platforms guidelines.”

The Southeast Asian BPO powerhouse has emerged as a popular destination for back-office outsourcing, thanks to its sizable pool of multilingual, highly educated workers. Furthermore, the cost of labor in the country is much lower than in many other countries, making it an attractive option for companies looking to reduce expenses.

Ellspermann noted, “The Philippines has proven to be a reliable and cost-effective destination for content moderation outsourcing. Its large pool of multilingual and tech-savvy workers appeals to companies seeking thorough, yet considerate moderation at an affordable price point."

Forrester Research also recognized the country’s potential as a destination for content moderation outsourcing. In a report, the research firm found that the nation boasts a substantial skilled workforce and low labor costs.

The Philippines also has a robust legal framework that supports content moderation, including the Cybercrime Prevention Act and the Data Privacy Act, both enacted in 2012 to safeguard the rights of users and companies alike.

It is essential to acknowledge that outsourcing content moderation comes with its own set of challenges, such as the need for rigorous training of moderators to ensure they can effectively identify and remove violative content. It also necessitates a strong focus on data privacy, security, and compliance.

“Outsourcing content moderation to the Philippines is a growing trend among companies aiming to reduce costs while maintaining a high level of quality, security, and compliance. BPOs have a comprehensive understanding of content moderation success factors and boast a solid track record of delivering on this front,” concluded Ellspermann. (SPONSORED CONTENT)


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