THE Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) will service depositors of the closed Rural Bank of San Juan (Southern Leyte) Inc. who are required to file deposit insurance claims on June 26 and 27, 2023 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the bank premises located in San Jose Poblacion, San Juan, Southern Leyte.

Required to file claims are depositors with account balances of more than P100,000, all business entities and depositors with obligations with the closed bank, depositors who have incomplete mailing addresses in the records of the closed bank, depositors who failed to update their mailing addresses using the PDIC Mailing Address Update Form (MAUF), accounts under the name of business entities, legal heirs of deceased depositors, and depositors who are not covered by waived filing, regardless of type of account and account balance.

The PDIC assured depositors that all valid deposit insurance claims will be paid up to the maximum deposit insurance coverage of P500,000.

Under the law, depositors have two years from PDIC’s takeover of the closed bank to file deposit insurance claims. In the case of the Rural Bank of San Juan (Southern Leyte) Inc., the deadline is on May 29, 2025.

After this date, the PDIC as deposit insurer will no longer accept claims for insured deposits maintained with the closed bank.

For depositors’ convenience, the PDIC advised to no longer wait for the May 29, 2025 deadline and called on those required to file claims to take advantage of this two-day onsite servicing of claims.

Meanwhile, depositors with deposit balances that exceed the maximum deposit insurance coverage (MDIC) of P500,000 are urged to file their deposit insurance claims on or before August 15, 2023. This is the deadline set under the law for the filing of claim against the assets of the closed Rural Bank of San Juan (Southern Leyte) Inc.

Claims for deposits in excess of the MDIC or the uninsured portion are deemed filed when the claims for the insured portion are filed by August 15, 2023.

The PDIC emphasized that the uninsured portion is no longer the state deposit insurer’s liability and is considered a claim against the remaining assets of the closed bank.

When filing claims for deposit insurance onsite, depositors have to personally present their Savings Passbook or other evidence of deposits, and original and photocopy of one valid photo-bearing ID with their signature.

Depositors below 18 years old should be represented by a parent/guardian who should sign the Claim Form, and must submit a photocopy of the child’s Birth Certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) or a duly certified copy issued by the Local Civil Registrar together with a valid ID of the parent/guardian.

The original copy of a notarized or authenticated or apostilled Special Power of Attorney (SPA) of the depositor or parent of a minor depositor is required if the claimant is not the signatory in the bank records.

A sample form of the SPA is available on the PDIC website.

For By or In Trust For (ITF) accounts, the agent as disclosed in the bank records may sign on the Claim Form. For joint accounts: “OR, AND/OR, AND”, each depositor in the joint account should accomplish and sign separate Claim Forms.

Depositors are advised to ensure that the signatures on the Claim Form, bank records, and submitted IDs are similar. The Claim Form may be downloaded from the PDIC website either at or through the Depositor’s Corner weblink,, by clicking “Filing Thru E-Mail” at the leftmost section.

For the convenience of depositors, filing of deposit insurance claims through e-mail has also been adopted. Clear and legible scanned copies of the documentary requirements should be sent to

Depositors may also file their claims through postal mail or courier service addressed to the PDIC Public Assistance Department, Ground

Floor, PDIC Chino Bldg., 2228 Chino Roces Avenue,1231 Makati City.

Claims may also be filed personally at the PDIC Public Assistance Center (PAC) located at the 3rd Floor, SSS Bldg., 6782 Ayala Avenue corner V.A. Rufino Street, 1226 Makati City.

For visits to the PAC, clients are highly encouraged to request for an appointment, observe health protocols and present their vaccination cards. Appointments may be requested by calling the Public Assistance Hotline during office hours at (02) 8841-4141 or the Toll-Free number at 1-800-1-888-7342 or 1-800-1-888-PDIC; by sending an e-mail to; or by sending a private message via PDIC’s official Facebook page at

PDIC will not accept claims that are incomplete or lack the requisite documents. The deposit insurer may also require other documents in the course of the processing of claims.

PDIC reminded depositors to deal only with PDIC-authorized officers.

Meanwhile, filing of claims is waived for depositors with valid deposit balances of P100,000 and below; who have no obligations with the bank, have not acted as co-makers of these obligations, are not spouses of the borrowers, and have updated and complete mailing addresses in the bank records or through the PDIC-provided Mailing Address Update Form (MAUF), and have not maintained the account under the name of business entities.

Postal Money Order (PMO) checks have been sent to said depositors at their respective mailing addresses.

PDIC, as Deposit Insurer, requires personal data from depositors to be able to process their claims and protects these in compliance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

Rural Bank of San Juan (Southern Leyte) Inc. is a single-unit rural bank located San Jose Poblacion, San Juan, Southern Leyte. PDIC took over the bank on May 29, 2023.

For more information on the payout process and requirements, depositors may call the PDIC Public Assistance Hotline at (02) 8841-41-41, or the Toll-free hotline at 1-800-1-888-PDIC or 1-800-1-888-7342 during office hours. Depositors may also send an e-mail to, or a private message via the official PDIC Facebook page, (PR)