Editorial: SunStar Green: Empowering a sustainable Cebu

Editorial: SunStar Green: Empowering a sustainable Cebu

Today’s issue of SunStar Cebu is printed on recycled paper. It’s our contribution to the global challenge of preserving the environment.

In the digital age, paper has remained an integral part of daily life so that the global production of paper and cardboard now exceeds 400 million metric tons annually, driven largely by packaging paper and board, which has seen a surge in demand with the rise of online shopping.

This growing demand for paper presents environmental challenges such as rapid deforestation, whose effects include loss of natural habitats and species, soil erosion and global warming.

To help reduce the demand for paper in the publishing industry, SunStar Cebu will print its newspaper on recycled paper on the weekends of July and August.

No trees were cut to produce this paper because its raw materials come from discarded paper like office wastepaper, envelopes and paper bags. With no bleaching chemicals used, the paper sports a brown shade. Recycling also prevented these discarded materials from contributing to the volume of solid waste in landfills.

However, our dedication extends beyond paper.

Through the SunStar Green initiative, we will tackle pressing environmental issues, encourage sustainable living and celebrate eco-friendly initiatives to inspire positive change in our vibrant community.

With responsible printing, community engagement, advocacy and education, we aim to create a positive environmental impact, foster a sense of environmental stewardship and empower a sustainable Cebu.


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