Political observers: Former BGen. Macanas should not put color to dinner between Acorda, MissOcc guv

Political observers: Former BGen. Macanas should not put color to dinner between Acorda, MissOcc guv

Don’t overthink, it causes stress. And stress can be unhealthy.

Former Army Brigadier General Johnny Macanas should not overthink and dwell in the world of speculation.

Being retired should not mean throwing away his years of formal military education and decades of actual field experience where facts are real and imagination unreal.

In the case of a simple dinner among acquaintances and former workmates in Northern Mindanao, it should not send a cloud of imagination of tying up internal political bickering (in the case of arrested Mayor Samson Dumanjug of the municipality of Bonifacio, Misamis Occidental).

The June 10 dinner in Metro Manila between Philippine National Police Chief Benjamin Acorda and Governor Henry S. Oaminal and his son, Rep. Fernando Oaminal, all from Misamis Occidental, was simply a dinner among former workmates and friends.

Nothing irregular and suspicious with the dinner that was cordial for an undisturbed and more intimate conversation, especially for Gen. Acorda who once served as the regional police director of Northern Mindanao, of which Misamis Occidental is part.

For retired Brigadier General Johnny Macanas, he should not throw child tantrums as he did in the Gen. Bantag case when he ended up a flop and was forced to make a public apology.

There was nothing unusual, greasy, or shady deal during the dinner and he should not tow it towards the Dumanjug arrest just to find some reason to resurrect political discussion on the case.

“As in all cases of insinuations and suspicions, they all stick to one word: fake,” confreres of Gen. Acorda and the Oaminal family said.

For one, Acorda has myriads of a concern than that of the arrest of the Bonifacio town mayor, an internal political bickering that in many cases may be resolved locally and in due time. No sense in dragging the PNP and its leadership to a local case as the PNP is sworn to a much higher duty and to only take sides with the welfare of the people.

Misamis Occidental political observers would rather send the advice to the retired brigadier general and not rub salt into the internal hurt suffered by all parties to the internal conflict in the province.

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