Kraken: Mythical or modern-day narcissist?

Kraken: Mythical or modern-day narcissist?

What comes to mind when you hear the word “Kraken?” Mostly, you'd think of the titan in Greek mythology, or sometimes referring to someone who's loud, bad, or a villain.

In my case, I call these people Krakens due to the likeness they have to the mythical creature, not because that would sound weird. These are people who are nosy and loud and can't keep their mouths shut or simply mind their own business.

In Scandinavian folklore, it is an aggressive creature resembling a cephalopod that is capable of destroying ships and dragging sailors to death.

In life, we meet aggressive people who wreck our peace of mind. Most of them are envious. It is such a shame that they feast on the failure of others. They do not practice what they preach.

We always encounter the inspirational story of the storm of life, where we sail in different vessels; some have cruise ships, yachts, and a simple canoe. Regardless of what kind of vessel you have, the Kraken will pull you down to the depths of the ocean.

These creatures are very pretentious; your weakness is their favorite snack. In some cases, they work under conditions. Because the moment you don't return the favor, they will dump you into the abyss—nonexistent.

In the article "How to Protect Yourself from a Narcissist" by Natalie Maximets, living or working closely with a narcissist can be harmful to mental health and, at times, outright dangerous.

If you are out of their reach, it is easier to protect yourself from narcissistic rage. You simply block an egotist from social media and change your telephone number. Unfortunately, not everyone can do so, and it feels like ex-spouses are forced to co-parent.

Hold onto your inner peace if you find yourself in a similar situation. Keep even-tempered and don't think about it literally. Imagine that you and a narcissist are separated by a mental wall, and when you talk to them, you only use dry facts.

It is best not to engage them emotionally because you will become vulnerable. Be careful not to fight with the same sword, use your mental shield; and always play defense.

Dealing with Krakens and narcissists alike is always complicated. So, you need to avoid their rage and protect yourself from possible retaliation. Never let the behavior of other people destroy your peace.*


Radi Raze P. Garaygay is someone who will always fight for what he thinks is right.


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