ISRAEL has become one of the popular and desired destinations among Filipinos with its visa-free entry for Philippine residents, Cathay Pacific said.

While there has already been an increasing number of Filipinos wanting to visit this country, Chinkee Bayabord, Cathay Pacific head of sales, said they continue to work with the Israel Ministry of Tourism (Imot) to promote two-way tourism between the two nations.

Recently, the Hong Kong-based carrier, which files daily direct from Cebu to Hong Kong, and Imot held a media gathering in Cebu to share about Israel as a destination.

Bayabord said that Israel has so much to offer as a destination not just pilgrimage tourism, which it has been known for.

Tourists also explore Israel to experience its vibrant nightlife and diverse food scene. Filipino tourists can stay in Israel without a visa for 90 days since 1969. Visa-free entry to Israel is one of the ways that the Jewish people have repaid the “moral conviction” of former Philippine president Manuel Quezon. / CSL