Digital marketing, strategy expert provides insight on embracing authenticity in business

Digital marketing, strategy expert provides insight on embracing authenticity in business

“AUTHENTICITY is what customers want,” summed up Sarah Mathews, Digital Marketing and Strategy Expert, on Aug. 24, 2023 during her insightful session at City Sports Club Cebu. The session is one of the events held in line with the Mandaue Business Months 2023 celebration.

With more than 30 years of expertise, Sarah Mathews, also known as “Insight-Cyclopaedia,” is a recognized figure in digital marketing strategy. Sarah has worked with Hong Kong Tourism and Visit Flanders in addition to serving as the Director of Media Partnerships for TripAdvisor’s Asia Pacific area for the past 12 years.

During the session, Matthews expounded on how being real gives an entrepreneur the chance to establish deeper connections with others, which is one of its main advantages. People feel like they can trust others who are genuine. Same as in the business world because everything we encounter in business, there are people involved.

Here are a few more points Matthews shared with the audience:

Changing world, its influence on business

The economic and social crisis brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic have triggered businesses to maintain a particular level of activity on online channels. This digital revolution in businesses and consumption has become unstoppable. The pandemic has increased the need to close the digital divide.

Essence of authenticity in business

People are more likely to buy a good or service when they see something unique about it because it resonates with them in some way. People want to know more about you as a person than just about your company; they want to feel comfortable doing business with you. People want to feel connected emotionally. By doing this, people can be sure that their money is supporting a cause or a person who will benefit them when they choose you as their go-to provider for whatever good or service you offer. You, as a business, can develop loyalty relationships in this way.

Authenticity as business strategy

Transparency and letting others know who you are and what you stand for are other aspects of being authentic. Therefore, consider authenticity to be the personality of your business. It needs to be distinctive from any other competitor out there.

Mathews also added that your content reflects how you and your brand are, so it should always be genuine, honest and human-centered to make meaningful connections with customers. By sharing what you care about, you become authentic. 


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