FIRST, China arrogantly ignored the International Arbitral award confirming our claim on West Philippine sea territories. Next, it continued on pestering fishermen and our troops carrying supplies to personnel on BRP Sierra Madre posted to protect our Ayungin Shoal, Pagasa Island and those areas within our exclusive economic zone.

China does not recognize our claims on the West Philippine sea or South China sea according to usurper China. It does not listen to our counterclaims, period. It even ignores our diplomatic protests and notes verbale submitted by the Department of Foreign Affairs. What to do?

Even our President Marcos, Jr., has registered frustration over China’s aggressive stance (remember the water cannoning of our maritime vessel and the laser-beaming of our Coast Guard ship)?

China simply does not recognize any Philippine claim over territories on West Philippine sea. In fact, it released a map containing its 10-dash line (from the original 9-dash line) and from the look of things, it will stubbornly stand fast on its new stance, no matter what protestations the other claimants advance.

It even ignores the alliance of the US, Australia, Japan and the Philippines and emboldens it to claim more territories and there is no stopping China from doing so, come hell or high water.

# # #

Russia’s unprovoked war on Ukraine is now on its second year but no clear winner is in sight. Claims of victory are made by the protagonists.

I’ve observed that despite the billions in financial assistance and military equipment and supplies to Ukraine given by the US and its allies, nothing decisive has been reported.

Could it be that President Volodymyr Selensky might have dipped his fingers on the funds? He says he needs F-16 jet fighters to win the war, after the drones he sent to Russia were shot down and destroyed by Russian missiles.

And now, Russia threatens to use its nuclear missiles, including ICBMs directed, of all places, to the United States. What now?