AS THE retail industry rebounds and competition intensifies with the increased adoption of omni-channel  sales, Prince Retail Group (PRG), rises to the challenge by maximizing technology and embracing  innovation.  

Leveraging data and technology, Prince Retail Group partnered with manufacturers to allow them to  understand their brands, products, and shoppers in a more collaborative way. PRG launched Shoppers  Portal, a powerful business intelligence tool designed to revolutionize how brands understand shopper  behavior. 

With its Assortment module for example, Shoppers Portal enables manufacturers to identify its  fastest and slow-moving products, complemented with Category and Brand comparison, Affinity Analysis and other insightful reports. Equipped with this information, manufacturers can make informed  decisions to drive more product offerings and promotions that match with consumers’ purchase habits.  

“We continue to provide significant value to every underserved Filipino by giving distinct personalized  service that delights every customer in every town – this time, by making sure that our offerings are  tailored to their needs by providing our manufacturers with data-driven insights that enable them to  provide the right products for the right customers,” said Prince Retail Group of Companies Chief Merchandising, Marketing and Distribution Officer Rina Janine Go.

In partnership with iRipple, Inc., its trusted technology partner, PRG continues to transcend digital  challenges by building solutions such as Shoppers Portal that serves as a pioneer to retail advancements  even at the height of the recent pandemic. 

"We have been a partner to Prince Retail Group for more than a decade and we continue to innovate  together to build technologies that improve their day-to-day operations,” said iRipple  Software Engineer Wil Anosa. 

True to its vision of making a significant and sustainable positive impact in the lives of every Filipino in  every town in the country, Prince Retail Group will continue to propel the retail industry forward with  technology-driven solutions, empowering both our manufacturers and shoppers alike. 

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