Shining a spotlight on the intersection of business and technology, Cebu Business Month (CBM), organized by the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), recently concluded a highly successful series of business summits with the theme “CEBU ta Bai.”

“In order to drive success, you have to learn fast—and how to learn fast is to fail and experiment. The faster you fail, the faster you arrive at success,” is a quote from Dr. Adrienne Heinrich, one of the key thought-leaders of CBM’s 2023 Innovation and Technology Summit.

Among these summits, the Technology and Innovation Summit held special significance with its meticulously crafted program, featuring a distinguished lineup of thought-leaders and speakers from across the Philippines and around the globe. It served as a platform for sharing insights and ideas about the ever-evolving realm of technology, where discussions covered how technology has reshaped both the macro and micro business landscapes, and offered valuable strategies for navigating these uncharted waters with a success-driven mindset.

Thoughts on AI

Technology has not only affected businesses, it has also started to reshape the world of art—especially with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI). That being said, we can still take solace in the fact that AI will never be able to replace the emotional aspect that comes with creating art—through the human artist’s vulnerability.

“It is important to remember that AI should be viewed as a tool and not a replacement for human creativity and interpretation,” said the president and chief executive officer of Thames International Business School, Joel Santos, in his talk about “The Convergence of Art and Technology: How Technology Impacts the Art World” during the Cebu City Arts Month “Tatak Sugbo” painting competition event held at NUSTAR Resort.

This statement rang true at the event, where a vibrant array of paintings, submitted by talented local artists for the Cebuano Heritage painting competition, adorned the exhibition hall, providing both judges and attendees with a visual treat. The competition’s top honors went to Wilfredo Cañete, who claimed the coveted first place, closely followed by Jason Droña in second place, and Antonio Alcoseba securing a well-deserved third place. Recognition and applause must also be extended to the talented runners-up, including Jess Dinglasa, Vladimir Valdehueza, John Lee Balorio, Boyet Auditor and Clint Normandia.

Heartfelt congratulations to all the winners!

Statement on stage

The artistic calendar of 2TinCans Philippines, Inc. has been brimming with exciting events throughout the year, and there are still many captivating activities planned for the upcoming months.

One of the highlights of August was the “Rebels and Revelry” culminating production for the Theatre Summer Workshop of 2TinCans Theatre Lab. The production, described as “defiant yet celebratory,” emphasized boldness and bravery through self-expression. More than a show, it was a statement that captured the very essence of what the theatre company is about. From art exhibits, empowerment talks, Broadway-inspired numbers and even original scripts—it was creative revelry no less than what is expected of the Cebuano theatre community’s maverick.

The group also recently conducted open auditions to welcome new company members, and is excited to announce that it has more shows and workshops in store for the remainder of the year.