Mural art reflects the soul of a community. Oftentimes, because of its colossal canvases and explosive burst of color, mural art transforms ordinary spaces into iconic landmarks.

The skillful hands of these mural artists have the power to democratize art, turning mundane public spaces into galleries of creativity and whim.

Alan Charles “CHRLTO” Gutierrez is an artist who possesses a strong creative vision to bring ideas to life on large-scale canvases in the form of murals, tattoos and illustrations.

“I started small, just doodling at first, but now I’ve grown significantly. At one point, I realized that I could make an income from my art. I began with traditional painting and now I’ve adapted to using spray paint because it’s faster, and it’s like mixing both worlds. I have knowledge of both paint types, and I’ve incorporated them into my larger piece,” said CHRLTO in a digital interview.

In his art, CHRLTO focuses on spreading positive vibrations and psychedelic art. Natural elements like plants, animals, and landscapes are common motifs of CHRLTO’s art that can be seen in the way lines and shapes seem to flow and merge, contributing to the dreamlike quality of the artwork.

“I want to bring joy to people who see this, especially with larger works, and I find inspiration from my fellow artists. Even during times when I wasn’t creating art, I continued to pursue my passion for art,” said CHRLTO.

CHRLTO brings five years of experience to the table, having successfully collaborated with a diverse range of hospitality businesses, including startups and established hotels, restaurants and resorts.

The key emphasis in CHRLTO’s approach is adaptability, as clients often have varying artistic requirements. Nevertheless, CHRLTO stays true to his creative vision, consistently applying his distinctive style characterized by its trippy, vibrant, and adventurous elements.

“One of my achievements is the three-story mural I created in Moalboal, which is a significant milestone for me. The project was for Pescadores Suites Moalboal, and it was my first large-scale mural. I hope to collaborate on many more murals in different locations in the Philippines and in other countries in the future,” CHRLTO said.

With CHRLTO’s multifaceted artistic spirit, giant-sized art can turn boring urban spots into hip, vibrant spaces. It’s like giving the city a fresh coat of fun paint and sparking urban renewal vibes.

“In my opinion, the more I create art on the streets or in the studio, the better I understand many things about the world. It’s like I’m diving deeper into understanding the world. What’s wonderful about street art is that you can convey a message through your work,” said CHRLTO.

“Most of my works are collaborations, often with my partner, Pslm Laya, who handles the back-end operations. I’ve also collaborated with artists like Mitchelito Orquiola (HOP Gallery), Di Bu Ho (Dino Dig and Pescadores Suites Moalboal), Dine Martus & AC Murals (RAFI and Nacho Hostel), Karot (Armada Taqueria) and Rojie Casquejo (MSDC),” CHRLTO said.

CHRLTO’s art is a mind-bending adventure that loves to play with space and time. It might serve up stories that zigzag all over the place or create a funky mashup of different dimensions.

This unique style isn’t just for kicks. It’s like a shot of energy for businesses, bringing them to life. The audience loves it, and the buzz is off the charts, making these spots the coolest places to visit.

“My art plays a significant role in my current lifestyle, especially since I’m mostly artistic and adventurous. I also enjoy extreme sports, and it feels like my art and skateboarding are closely connected. The art and skateboarding vibes just go hand in hand,” said CHRLTO.

CHRLTO approaches his art with utmost dedication, imprinting a fraction of his creativity onto the places he has adorned. Armed with brushes and spray cans, CHRLTO is among the talented Cebuano artists who have injected vitality into the most ordinary of locations.