MANILA — Sugarbook, the premier luxury dating platform connecting sugar babies and sugar daddies to meet and grow honest relationships, has unveiled the findings from their recent survey titled "Gifts, Allowances & Arrangements" revealing the Top 5 Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy Regions in the Philippines.

This survey, which had 10,000 participants across various age groups, regions, and occupations, revealed the capital of sugar babies in the Philippines to be Metro Manila, with 144,462 sugar babies and 33,749 sugar daddies, while Calabarzon has over 47,120 sugar babies and 16,013 sugar daddies.

Central Luzon follows third with 31,621 sugar babies and 10,234 sugar daddies, Central Visayas with 22,665 and 8,452, and Northern Mindanao with 7,412 and 1,709, respectively.

With the unexpected rise of inflation, the unemployment rate, and the increase in commodity prices, Sugarbook saw an astonishing 189 percent traffic surge in the Philippines from December 2022 to August 2023, and a shocking 80 percent of them are sugar babies.

“Driven by financial difficulties, an increasing number of Filipinos have signed up to Sugarbook to maintain their desired lifestyles. With an average monthly allowance of P52,000, sugar dating has helped enable those in need to have stable livelihoods,” says Darren Chan, Founder and CEO of Sugarbook.

A staggering 55 percent of sugar babies have indicated that they earn up to P57,700 monthly, followed by 22 percenty who are in the P141,500 - P283,000 allowance bracket, while a select few (2 percent) are earning P283,000 and above.

“With a user base of 4.5 million members across the globe, our goal is to educate the public on what Sugarbook is about. Women empowerment is about uplifting women by giving them a platform to choose freely. The keyword here is choice, and that is what we’re essentially about; to provide women with that precise choice. If men are allowed to date women for their youth and beauty, women should be allowed to date men for their wealth and status,” explains Darren. Sugar babies aged 18 and above can sign up for free, while sugar daddies can access Premium features for a nominal fee of P1,526 per month. Sugarbook is also the only sugar daddy dating platform allowing members to livestream, where sugar babies can earn money virtually. Sugarbook's goal is to reach over 300,000 members in the Philippines by the end of 2024. PR