A devout Catholic, philanthropist, humanitarian, civic leader, teacher, counselor, book writer, columnist, entrepreneur, a loving, kind, compassionate and generous person to her family, relatives, and employees the late Josefa "Patching" Puentevella was interred on her 76th birthday, a beautiful send off to her to eternal life.

It was a full house at the San Sebastian Cathedral where a concelebrated mass was officiated by Rev. Fr. Ronald Quijano with the final blessing was administered by Bishop Patricio Buzon.

The late Patching was Bacolod's former first lady and wife of former Bacolod City mayor and former Congressman Monico Puentevella.

Emotions were high during the mass. The former first lady was well-loved by her family, relatives along with the people whose lives have been touched by her in so many ways.

Her sons Nicky, Brian, Kalaw and Rocky with their dad, Monico, were emotional about losing a family matriarch who had devoted her life to them unconditionally.

The former Mayor Monico thanked the Lord for giving her a wife who is viewed as an Angel and a Saint on earth because of her exceptional qualities.

When he pursued his love for her, she was also on her path to becoming a nun. But the good Lord has blessed me with an Angel who became my wife and my sons' mother and Wawa (Grandma) to our grandchildren.

"All my success was because of my wife who has been my secret weapon, and I thanked the Lord for her life," he said.

Each of their sons was asked to deliver a message. Brian, Councilor Kalaw and Rocky expressed their love for their Mom. She will be etched in their hearts forever.

Monico sang a song and a birthday song for his loving wife and promised that he would take care of their family.

Moreover, Rev. Fr. Quijano said there were so many beautiful stories and sharings about the legacy of the former First Lady of Bacolod City.

Her faithful and generous love is the best thing that happened to Mayor Monico, their family, and the community.

She is someone who would like to remain at the backstage and sidelight.

She is the pillar of strength of her family. She was at the forefront of health care, education and public office.

She promoted quality Christian education by setting academic institutions that helped poor but deserving students.

The generosity of her brother Raymundo who gave up hectares of land for the poor, the numerous scholarships given to outstanding students, the livelihood opportunities they have extended to many people, and the charitable works, among others, were all part of the legacy.

"We need a figure of a woman like Tita Patching in the family," he said.

She was laid to rest at Rolling Hills Memorial Park in Bacolod City.