Philippine National Police Chief Benjamin Acorda Jr. lauded the franchise-holder of the Miss World Beauty Organization for holding the Charity Ball for its beneficiairies.

“In this room tonight, we have the power to change lives. We have the power to transform the destinies of those who have faced hardships that we can hardly imagine,” Acorda said in his keynote message to the organization during the Maharlika Charity Ball on Sunday.

The charity ball was organized by Maharlika Productions Inc., the franchise holder of the world’s pageant body.

Acorda said the organization “has always shown that true beauty lies in the compassion and generosity that we extend to others”.

“In 2024 as we celebrate the 30th edition of this prestigious modelling competition, we also reflect on the three decades of love, hope and positive change that this organization has brought into this world,” he added.

He said he was inspired by the dedication of the organization, “you heart and your commitment to making the world a better place”.

“Let us remember that every step we take tonight, every contribution that we make, is a step towards a brighter future for those in need,” he said.

Also in the Charity Ball were Mr. Detlef Tursies, the international director for Europe of the World Beauty Organization and former Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, who gave their messages in the program.

Governors Dorothy M. Gonzaga of Davao de Oro, Reynaldo C. Tamayo Jr. of South Cotabato and Dr. Ana Patricia Alcasabas, head of the pediatrics, hematology and oncology of the Philippine General Hospital also talked during the program on behalf of their respective beneficiary local governments and organizations. PR