Fashion trends constantly evolve, but some enduring styles stand out.

In recent years, TikTok emerged as a significant platform for fashion influencers who introduced a trend known as “quiet luxury.” This trend prioritizes classic, high-quality pieces over disposable garments and has gained global appeal for its elegance and sustainability. Quiet luxury, also called stealth wealth, old money aesthetic or silent luxury, emphasizes understated elegance and top-tier quality.

Rise of quiet luxury

The term “quiet luxury” gained significant attention recently, notably between March and April 2023. This trend’s resurgence can be attributed to two factors: The television series “Succession” has been known for its flashy portrayal of a wealthy and powerful family. However, in its final season, the series may have taken a turn towards a more understated and subtle approach to luxury; Actress Gwyneth Paltrow, also the founder of lifestyle brand Goop, made “simple yet branded” wardrobe choices during a high-profile trial. During this time, social media users were quick to label the actress as the embodiment of the “IYKYK” — If you know, you know.

Minimalism, sustainability

Quiet fashion is often inspired by the concept of minimalist fashion characterized by clean lines, muted colors and durable items. It enables a curated and intentional wardrobe, advocating for timeless pieces in a neutral palette, minimal accessories, proper fit, natural fabrics and discreet labels. Amid the fashion industry’s ethical and environmental challenges, quiet luxury appeals to consumers who are more conscious of the negative ethical and environmental impacts of fast fashion.

Brands leading the change

Numerous companies, both established and emerging, are embracing this trend by creating ethical, sustainable and timeless apparel. These companies reinvent the luxury narrative, demonstrating that extravagance and responsible practices can coexist. Brands like Everlane (known for transparency), Patagonia (committed to sustainability), Cuyana (dedicated to ethics), Reformation (using deadstock fabrics), The Row (minimalist designs), Brunello Cucinelli (cashmere sweaters) and Sezane (simple and elegant designs) exemplify quiet luxury.

The current fashion trend puts emphasis on simplicity, sustainability and ethics, in contrast to the previous focus on excess and extravagance. Consumers are prioritizing quality over quantity and advocating for transparency, fair labor practices and environmentally responsible sourcing. This movement empowers consumers to make values-driven choices, leaving a legacy of thoughtful consumption, ethical responsibility and environmental stewardship for future generations.