Our Lord Jesus: “Pay attention, children, pay attention”

Our Lord Jesus: “Pay attention, children, pay attention”

Before the occurrences of some prophecies from Heaven, coursed through Catholic mystics, they all sounded bizarre and unlikely. Such was the case of the Covid pandemic which, for quite a while, closed churches and shut down the whole world in a magnitude no one would have imagined as possible before they happened.

There have been other prophecies which already happened, such as the end of the First World War and the explosion of the Second as prophesied by the Blessed Mother in her apparition in Fatima, Portugal in 1917.

Now there are more dire prophecies still awaiting fulfillment, although it must be kept in mind that prophecies, especially those warning of dire events, need not happen as they depend on the response to Heaven’s call for conversion.

One prophecy said that in the US, a woman would replace the president. Vice Pres. Kamala Harris? Unlikely amid her plummeting popularity in the face of a Donald Trump again rising in the presidentiable firmament. But suddenly, Democrats are saying there’s a woman who can beat Trump: Michelle Obama, wife of former president Barack Obama who is a known factotum of the one-world government elites. Will she figure in the prophecy?

Then there’s the prophecy, as ancient as the Bible, warning that a day will come when the “mark of the beast” would be imposed and be the sole means for buying and selling. Now there’s the move to abolish cash and cards in favor of digital currency which eventually is being eyed to evolve into microchips. This is no theory. It’s in the news here and there. Search Google.

This reminds us of what Our Lord Jesus told third-degree Augustinian stigmatist Luz de Maria de Bonilla on May 26, 2023. He said:

“The whole of the world’s economy will be changed; what you use today to buy and sell will not be accepted for you to be able to supply yourselves with food and what you need to survive. Because of this I have called you to Faith in Me and My Mother, who has provided you with the medicines to combat the illnesses that are coming. Unfortunately, you continue to be deaf. These illnesses will not be fought with known medicines, but will react to what My house has made known to you.”

And so we shift to another prophecy beyond the Covid pandemic. There’s another disease coming and messages from Heaven are not short of issuing preventive and curative measures.

Many of the herbal plants recommended by Heaven are strange to Filipinos who, however, would be glad to find garlic and moringa or malunggay in the list.

The message about another coming disease was explicit in the message of St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria on March 17, 2023 as follows:

“Pray, children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, pray concerning the new disease with high fever, which will severely affect the respiratory tract, and human skin will become dark and flaky. I call you to use the Oil of St. Michael the Archangel on the skin, the medicinal plant fumitory and the Oil of the Good Samaritan.”

Earlier on Sept. 4, 2022, St. Michael also told Luz: “Pray, People of God: the new plague is coming – skin and the respiratory system will be affected.”

No less than Our Lord Jesus cited the need for protection by taking malunggay for the immune system. He told Luz on Aug. 22, 2022: “Pray children, pray, pray, the new disease will be very serious and contagious to the point of being lethal. Protect your immune system and have calendula cream and moringa ready for you to take.”

The new disease will again lead to lockdowns. This was the warning of the Blessed Mother as issued to Luz on July 24, 2022: “Pray, People of My Son, pray: a new plague will be the cry of the powerful. Homes will again become shelters for their inhabitants and borders will be closed.”

Again on the diseases, St. Michael told Luz on Feb. 19, 2022: “You must have the medicines that Heaven has given you in order to overcome the illnesses that will come. Only Faith in what the Father’s House has revealed to you will heal you, together with the use of the Sacramentals.

“Do not speculate concerning the Sacramentals, they all depend on your Faith.

Use the Oil of the Good Samaritan, the Oil of St. Michael the Archangel, calendula for hemorrhagic diseases. It is important that you strengthen your immune system. Daughter, explain to them what I will show you.”

Our Lord Jesus also warned that the sun, which scientists have observed to be lately emitting powerful solar flares reaching the earth, would also affect our health. He told Luz on April 4, 2022: “There will be an increase in fires and illnesses within human beings that will alter their bodies. Man is not prepared to receive such quantities of solar radiation, which will provoke changes suffered by the human body.”

Luz de Maria said she was given by St. Michael a chronology of what is to happen in our times. Her words: “St. Michael the Archangel shows me the way in which evil will attack us in the midst of the war. First will come spiritual, then material attack on food, clothing, medicines that are essential for some people, together with the restriction of individual freedoms as a result of the new disease.”

Meanwhile, the messages to Luz continue, as our Lord Jesus told her on Sept. 7, 2023 as follows:

“Dearly beloved children, all receive My Blessing. I love you at all times. I call you and send you My divine assistance to keep you on My path.

“There are so many human beings who neither want to hear My call nor love Me!...

“So many of My children have exchanged Eternal Life for the debauchery in which worldliness has enveloped them!...

“Human beings allow themselves to be pulled toward aberrations that the Devil is spreading on Earth, and humanity accepts them without any qualms, causing unimaginable acts to be committed by My children. Impurity is multiplying at great speed and becoming more aggressive, and the Devil rejoices because of this.

“Perversity is increasing by leaps and bounds; sins are increasing and will increase so much that Sodom and Gomorrah will be eclipsed by the sins that are already being committed and those that will be committed by humanity.

“I ask you to be strenthened in spirituality and knowledge; may faith increase in each one of you, beloved children.

“Without knowing Me you cannot walk: you will look for crutches that will serve you momentarily, but then...

“From my children, I want all their love; I do not expect My children to be lukewarm.

“How many say that they love Me while living criticizing their brothers and sisters, being creatures who sin in thought and deed, acting in sin with the knowledge of what sin is!

“Beloved, illnesses will intensify, and My children will be taken by surprise without having what My House has revealed to them so that they would be freed from illnesses. Some ignore it while others -- those closest to My calls -- forget and remain indifferent.

“My children, routine is a very bad habit in all works and actions in life. Nothing is more harmful than routine: it causes everything in the human being to come to a stop, to the point of paralyzing good deeds and works, good feelings that then re-emerge from the ashes and rise again, but which only appear to continue. Acting out of routine causes you to be hypocrites and to hurt those around you, with truth being lost.

“Each one of you, My children, is the architect of your own history, so you must strengthen yourselves spiritually: you must be creatures of unshakable faith, otherwise you will not be able to resist the enemy of the soul in the many trials that lie ahead.

“Pray, My children, pray for those souls who are suffering at the moment, offering their suffering for the good of all humanity.

“Pray, My children, pray for one another: it is very necessary for you to understand the urgency of praying from the heart.

“Pray, My children, pray, pray: nature will continue to surprise the peoples and the elements will arrive unexpectedly. Water will continue to enter within cities and to cause the ground to sink.

“Pray, My children, pray: men seek power based upon humanity’s pain.

“Pray, My children, pray: the sun will take you by surprise - do not expose yourselves.

“Pray, My children, pray: stand firm in faith, being doers of My Will.

“Pray, My children, pray that you would be able to see the Great Miracle that My Mother keeps with her under the title of Our Mother of Guadalupe.

“My children, prepare yourselves spiritually, the battle is fierce – this is necessary for you. It is urgent that you prepare yourselves by being firm, convinced, strong people who know Me.

“I am with you, My children; remain in My heart, which burns with love in search of My sheep.

“Pay attention, My children, pay attention!”


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