DENR-RPAO: Cut trees with permits

SunStar File Photo
SunStar File Photo

AN OFFICIAL from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Davao Regional Public Affairs Office (DENR-RPAO) has confirmed that the trees recently cut down in Ecoland had the necessary permits.

DENR-RPAO Chief Jayvee Agas stated in a phone interview on Friday morning, September 22, that the three trees removed near the Davao City Overland Transport Terminal (Dcott) were authorized to be felled.

He confirmed that the individual who applied for the permit followed a legal process, as Barangay 76-A Bucana submitted a resolution to DENR regarding the tree removal. 

The building owner had complained, citing that the tree leaves were causing damage to the building's gutter, and the raised roots were allowing water to enter, causing interior damage.

Also, the decision to cut down the trees was influenced by the damage caused to the pavement, the risk of trees falling onto the road or the building, and multiple incidents where individuals stumbled over the tree roots.

The permit was issued following Presidential Decree Number 953, which prohibits the unlawful removal, harm, or destruction of specific trees, plants, or other vegetation while requiring the planting of trees in designated locations.

DENR conducted a comprehensive investigation of the area, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of removing the trees.

Under DENR Memorandum Order Number 2012-02, which establishes the Uniform Replacement Ratio for Cut or Relocated Trees, there should be a replacement of 50 trees for every planted tree cut and 100 for naturally growing trees. This initiative supports the National Greening Program (NGP) and government climate change efforts.

Since the three trees removed in Ecoland were planted initially, they will be replaced with 150 seedlings. RGP


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