Zanea: With every Filipina’s step for 30 years

Filipino footwear brands champion talented local artists and discerning fashion-conscious customers
Filipino footwear brands champion talented local artists and discerning fashion-conscious customers

**media[466594]**FOR almost three decades, Zanea Shoes has always been present in every step of countless Filipinas from different walks of life. 

Through Zanea’s fashionable designs that are recognized locally and globally, women can climb the corporate ladder or venture into a new business in style.

Important occasions such as graduations, debuts, and weddings become more memorable thanks to the comfort, luxury, and dependability that have turned Zanea into one of the country's leading 100 percent locally-manufactured shoe brands.

"This is something that we are very proud of, and we intend to keep it that way in more years to come," said Clarito Casano, more known as “Tito,” the founder of Zanea Shoes in 1994.

"We have built our reputation on comfort, dependability, and durability. These traits have left a mark on our customers who have continuously patronized us through the years," he added, mentioning that “we always get messages from our customers reaching out to talk about the quality of our products.

Not even the influx of imported shoe products in the market has altered Zanea’s course, as it constantly adapts to the needs of the market and the younger generation while maintaining the reliability that the brand is known for. 

"We owe this to our continuous adjustments to the demands of the market while carrying on with our legacy as a company that makes durable and comfortable shoes that are 100 percent locally manufactured," Casano pointed out.

Shoe manufacturing runs in the blood

Through hard work, Mang Bindoy transformed his small business into a lucrative shoe manufacturing firm in Biñan, distributing his finished products to different stores in Carriedo, Avenida, and Morayta in Manila.

At an early age, Tito learned the basics of the shoe manufacturing industry as he tagged along with his father making rounds to different shoe outlets.

Tito combined that knowledge with his 15-year experience as a Marketing and Sales Executive for a reputable Japanese multinational consumer company in starting his own shoe company.

Collaboration with local shoemakers

I am a shoemaker, my dad was a shoemaker so I want to uplift the lives of our fellow shoemakers through collaboration,” he said.

Casano said Zanea puts a premium on putting his knowledge of making quality shoes at the forefront to give customers the best possible products. 

"We are fully committed to Filipino craftsmanship, which is considered one of the best, if not the best, in the world. Our shoes are made locally, but also known and worn globally," he said.

Casano also puts high quality, comfort, and durability at the forefront to ensure customer satisfaction, which will turn them into loyal patrons of his products.

We want to ensure that every pair of Zanea Shoes that we manufacture through our team and from working with other shoemakers is of high quality to last for years, and it must be comfortable with every step of our customers," he said.

To guarantee this, direct involvement in the design and manufacturing process is a must to ensure that each style passes the standard of comfort and quality that Zanea continuously upholds.

Zanea now has manufacturing sites in Marikina City and in Binan and Liliw in Laguna, providing livelihood and job opportunities to hundreds of local shoemakers and producers of raw materials for their products.

Zanea is also being sold in 90 leading department stores nationwide with 5 online channels, solidifying its niche in the footwear industry.

Zanea’s keys to success

"Number one, we have the passion for winning. We are determined to put our best foot forward in everything we do," Casano said.

We don’t put out anything that we do that we don’t think is the best version it can be,” he added.

Zanea also ensures that integrity plays a vital role in its operation by putting honesty at the forefront, and leadership by inspiring and empowering people by setting an example.

"We also constantly aspire for excellence by attaining the highest standard of quality in every shoe we create for every Filipina," Casano ended.

Zanea is available at leading department stores nationwide and online at (SPONSORED CONTENT)


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