Marco and Morris Qua: Guiding Cold Storage Seafood towards a brighter future

Marco and Morris Qua: Guiding Cold Storage Seafood towards a brighter future

The brothers recently took over the company their father built from scratch, promising a modern approach for a timeless business

FILIPINOS love seafood. Rich or poor, young or old, seafood has become one of our dining staples. This love for seafood is one of the main reasons why Mr. Mariano Qua founded Sikat Araw Trading.

Revolutionizing the local seafood industry in the 80’s wasn’t easy, but Mr. Qua found the technology to make it happen. He was fueled by his desire to bring the world-class seafood to Filipinos who deserve only the best from around the globe.

Being the pioneering leader of the Philippine seafood industry, it took more than skills to keep the company going. Sharing the same vision and passion is important. Fast forward more than 30 years and his sons have taken the reins of the company.

At the helm of this exciting journey are Marco Qua and Morris Qua, the President and Vice President for Operations of Cold Storage, respectively. Their vision and leadership signify a pivotal moment in the company's ongoing commitment to providing top-quality frozen seafood to the community, supported by a rejuvenated store and enticing new offerings.

Officially established in 1996 under Sikat Araw Trading, Cold Storage Seafood has dedicated itself to bringing the world's finest seafood to the Philippines. Inspired by the vision of their father, Marco and Morris have steered the company's growth, transforming it into a trusted name. Today, Cold Storage Seafood boasts an impressive selection of over 400 products, available in more than 200 groceries and supermarkets nationwide. The cornerstones of quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction have propelled this family-led enterprise to the forefront of the frozen seafood industry in the Philippines.

Today, Cold Storage had processing plants in Valenzuela City, Mandaue City (Cebu), and Bacolod City to make sure Filipinos around the country gains access to affordable and world-class seafood. Being the Vice President of Operations, Morris Qua is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of all processing plants, making sure each plant adheres to strict food safety standards, and streamlining the supply chain from the plant to the supermarkets.

In 2022, the San Juan branch was renovated and relaunched. Earlier this year, their flagship store in Banawe, Quezon City was also renovated to serve the community better. The decision to rejuvenate the stores was driven by an unwavering commitment to progress. Marco and Morris Qua felt compelled to elevate the store that initiated their remarkable journey. The Banawe branch, renowned for its unique character and specialty seafood offerings, holds a special place in both the hearts of the Qua family and their loyal customers. Through this relaunch, Cold Storage Seafood aims to provide an even more diverse selection of products and enhanced customization, drawing inspiration from the successful approach implemented in the San Juan branch.

Marco Qua, the President of Cold Storage Seafood, shared his enthusiasm for this venture, stating, "The exceptional response to the relaunch of our San Juan branch motivated us to elevate the store that laid the foundation for our success. The Banawe branch has its distinctive charm, with Halibut, Gindara, and Scallops as the star attractions that draw customers. Situated in a mini Chinatown, the Banawe area resonates with the local community. With this relaunch, we aim to preserve the cozy ambiance of a small community store that our loyal customers appreciate while also introducing fresh and enticing offerings."

Since its humble beginnings as a small retail establishment, Cold Storage Seafood has consistently prioritized sustainability and responsible fishing practices. Under the leadership of Marco and Morris Qua, the company has forged close relationships with local fisheries, shrimp farms, and fishermen, creating a sustainable and responsible supply chain that sets a sterling example for the industry.

Marco Qua emphasized this commitment, saying, "We have been at the forefront of sustainable seafood and responsible fishing practices, ensuring that our trade partners and customers never face a shortage of exceptional seafood options. Our dedication extends beyond mere business; it is our responsibility to safeguard our oceans for the well-being of future generations."

In the coming months, customers can anticipate an even more extensive selection of seafood products, shaped by valuable insights gained from customer preferences over the past year. Additionally, the company is excited to announce collaborative efforts with major retail partners, including Robinsons Malls & Supermarkets and The Marketplace, which are currently in progress and set to bear fruit this year.

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