Tagu Cafe & Bar: Daytime retreat, nighttime escape

Tagu Cafe & Bar: Daytime retreat, nighttime escape

In this bustling city where people are always on the go, it can be difficult to find a place that offers both the tranquility of a coffee shop by day and the vibrant atmosphere of a bar by night. But Tagu Cafe & Bar, a hidden gem in the heart of Cebu City, seamlessly transforms from one to the other, providing the perfect spot to unwind with friends.

A name that tells a story

For those who have never been to Tagu, describing it can be a challenge. Located on Salinas Drive, Lahug Cebu City, Tagu Cafe & Bar draws its name from the enchanting Bisaya word “tagu,” which means “hidden.” This carefully chosen name perfectly captures the core of the establishment—a unique and concealed place where customers can savor coffee, dine and drink.

Tagu Cafe & Bar’s warm and inviting atmosphere sets it apart from the many industrial-style bars in the area. But what truly makes Tagu special is its unexpected surprise element. Tucked away in this corner of city, you wouldn’t expect to find such a beautifully aesthetic space.

Passionate duo

Kelvin Tan and Denise Capuyan, two young people with a passion for life, dreamed of starting a business that would allow them to pursue their interests while also making a living.

Denise, a working student, balanced her studies with her modeling and content creation career. Kelvin, on the other hand, was known for his entrepreneurial spirit and his zest for life. Together, they found a way to combine their passions into a thriving business.

“Turning our dream of opening a cafe and bar in a secluded spot, specifically on the second floor of a car wash, into a beautiful reality is a testament to our accomplishments,” said Kelvin.

Signature dishes

Tagu Cafe & Bar has swiftly earned praise for its appetizing menu, which boasts a variety of standout dishes, such as the indulgent Salt Pepper Squid, the flavorful Beef Stroganoff Rice Bowl and the tempting Oreo Cream Iced Espresso. Notably, the Pork Belly Rice Bowl, Carbonara, Cheesecakes, Truffle Fries and a selection of signature beverages have become beloved choices among customers.

When it comes to drinks, Tagu surely knows how to impress. It provides excellent coffee and cocktails, with selections including the Tagu Ube Coffee, the cooling Fresh Mint Coffee, and the delicious Oreo Cream Iced Espresso. For those seeking a little spice, Tagu’s unique drinks are a crowd favorite. These include the vodka-heavy Guilt Trip and the fiery Cherry Lemonade.

Each trip to Tagu is a fascinating culinary experience thanks to its cocktails and mocktails, which are renowned for their distinctive presentation and outstanding flavors.

Commitment to sustainability

Tagu takes pride in prioritizing local sourcing, ensuring the freshness and quality of its products. Moreover, it actively works to minimize food waste in its operations through careful portion control, composting and other waste reduction strategies. Its commitment to sustainability not only benefits the environment but also contributes to the overall quality of its products.

As Tagu Cafe & Bar sets its sights on expansion, the strategic plans have been carefully crafted to ensure a smooth and successful venture into new horizons. But its vision extends beyond just growth. “It’s about creating a place of warmth where every guest feels like an integral part of a welcoming community,” said Denise.

Follow Tagu Cafe & Bar on social media for upcoming events and future plans: @tagucafe on Instagram, Tagu Cafe & Bar on Facebook, and @tagucafe on TikTok. Visit its store at 1st Street, La Guardia Salinas Drive, Cebu City, Philippines.

 (Alexandra Cardoso, USC intern)


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