MANILA -- Malacanang on Thursday issued a revised copy of the memorandum circular (MC) that was released during the first day in office of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.

In a press briefing, Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said Malacanang has withdrawn the first MC declaring all positions of non-career executive service officials (Non-Ceso) vacant and was replaced by a new one but with the same number.

In the revised memorandum No. 1, not all non-Ceso will have to vacate their post.

Those occupying career executive services (CES) could continue their duties until July 31 or until their resignations have been accepted and/or until their respective replacements have been appointed or designated.

All presidential appointees under the coterminous status are still deemed resigned as of June 30.

Those contractual and casual employees whose contracts expire on June 30 shall continue their services until July 31 unless otherwise terminated or renewed by their hiring agencies.

Lacierda declined to admit that they had mistakes in issuing the first memorandum.

He said they just had to do some fine tunings about the language of the MC.

He also said that there is no legal conflict if the MC has the same number.

As a lawyer, Lacierda said the protocol to this is “subsequent document prevails”. (Jill Beltran/Sunnex)