AFTER annexing their first International Mixed Bowling League title, two Fern-C stalwarts made it to the most valuable players' list.

Jeanette Gomez caught up with Elmie Manasala to take the most number of points awards and join fellow Fern-C player Rod Valdez atop the standing.

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Gomez, the Fern-C team captain, amassing 48 won points throughout the entire two rounds of the IMBL, overtook Manansala, who last week had 45.5 won points.

Valdez, on the other hand, has 53.5 won points to easily win in the men's side.

With her win in the more prestigious singles award, Gomez has to cede her most improved player award to Marice de Guzman, who improved her average by 7.27 pinfalls per game. Gomez has a 7.8 ppg increase.

In the men's side, new comer Ian Agaila is the most improved player after increasing his initial average by 21.72 ppg to 163.

Meanwhile, Flor Balaba is back on top. Not that she missed a league but being the best lady bowler anew.

Balaba averaged 162.6 pinfalls per game to be named the high average bowler of the year. She lost last year to the absent Racquel Abubo, who helped power Budget Savers to the crown and for the first time in nearly 10 years.

Teener Nikko Go is surely a cut above the rest as he carried the league's best of 192.17 ppg clip, which is more than two above the league standard.

Go leads dad and former top city bowler Peter Go by more than 10 pinfallss as the elder Go carries a 182.08 ppg clip or a six handicap.

Fern-C's Joseph Tan is third best with of 181.16 ppg or seven handicap and followed by another youngster, Cheeno Loy (179.27, for a handicap of 8).

Three years ago, Tan missed twice on a perfect game after having a major split on the 11th frame en route to a 289.

Loy and the younger Go also missed out on perfect games the last two seasons. Only two perfect games were ever recorded in the tough Puyat Lanes, the last was by Art Bernal almost four years ago.

Other team awards will see Fern-C getting the high team series scratch (2,750) and Gerco for the high team series with handicap (2,973).

BDO has the high team game scratch of 985 or at least 197 pinfalls per player, while Mixed Nuts has the high game with handicap (1,041).

Nikko Go records the high series scratch of 687 or at least 229 pinfalls per game, while Gomez is tops in the female side with 567.

Runners up in the male side are: Loy (672), Tan (647) and Philip Choi (628). Leah Torres has the second best in the female division with 564.

High series with handicap honors goes to Joe Agoot (689), followed by Louie Loy (677), Hubert Cornel (669) and Rolly de Guzman (667). The female best is 637 by Nitz de Guzman and Irene Rapada (635). High game scratch is 259 by the elder Go and Beivz Tee at 229.

The runners up are Willy Ng and Jun Rialubin with similar 246 and Joe Balaoing's 238, while Ofie Villanueva has 220 as the second best in the female side. High game with handicap has Mike Casuga and Elisa Namoca with 257 and 236, respectively. The runners up are: Agila (255), Casey Batorne (254) and Jaime Tee (249), while Doris Santiago has 236 for the female side. (Roderick Osis)