CITY OF SAN FERNANDO - Governor Lilia "Nanay Baby" Pineda started Thursday her first day in office with a series of courtesy calls, consultation with Provincial Government officers and an inspection of the Macabebe District Hospital.

Sun.Star Pampanga spotted Pineda working at her temporary office at the Capitol's executive house as early as 8:00 a.m.

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In an interview with Pineda's chief-of-staff Rosve Henson, he said that Pineda immediately buckled down to work entertaining courtesy calls and meetings with officers of the Capitol.

"The governor was early to work even earlier than most of us. She has spent the most part of the morning talking heart-to-heart with the employees of the Capitol particularly the department heads," Henson said, stressing that Pineda wanted to get more groundwork familiarity with the workings of the Capitol and the mandates of the different offices and concerns of employees.

Henson added that the move is part of the Capitol's move to "open the doors" of the Capitol to the people. Henson added that Pineda is now looking on major issues among employees particularly the clamor for the release of bonuses.

It could be remembered that former governor Eddie Panlilio was even accused of being "anti-employee" and "heartless" for allegedly blocking the release of the P20,000 Christmas bonus last year. The Capitol employees were clamoring for a higher bonus rather than the P10,000 bonus initially proposed by Panlilio.

Henson said that there would be a positive development on the issue under the Pineda administration as the governor, he said, is currently talking to the provincial finance officers on when to come up with a result on the issue.

"There would be a positive result and we could expect an extension of Christmas this July. As for the amount we could not yet say," Henson said.

Meanwhile, Henson said that contractual employees, except for those with administrative problems, are extended on their employment until July. Henson said that operations in the Capitol are proceeding fairly well.

Pineda, on the latter part of the day, inspected the Macabebe District Hospital.

Henson said that the move is part of the new governor's aim of improving health standards in the province by implementing reforms and improvements on the many district hospitals in the province needing urgent attention.