CANDABA - Mayor Jerry Pelayo in his inaugural message on Wednesday at the Saint Andrew Parish here said "Let's unite and break the barriers for countryside development."

"During my first and second term as mayor, we have done so much on the infrastructure projects and this was carried out because of our common goal of making a change in the physical aspect of the town. I did not do that alone," he said.

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"Through our collective efforts, Candaba is now totally different from the first time I assumed office. It has been transformed into a developing town and has reached its status now as first class municipality," Pelayo said

However, Pelayo urged his fellow elected officials here to stay united and make a greater difference as more projects and programs of development are yet to be achieved for the next three years.

Pelayo said with the support of the municipal council led by newly elected Vice Mayor Daniel Gallardo, they could achieve their goal of making the town a livelihood hub for the families of farmers and fishermen particularly the out of school youth.

He bared that the concentration of his administration is giving food to every table as he is bent to implement a comprehensive livelihood training program.

With this, he said, local folk would become more self-reliant and will not just ask what the government can do for them but what they can do for the government and for themselves.

Pelayo said his administration's performance on infrastructure projects for the last six years "are nothing" if there are no sufficient food and agri-products being transported along the newly constructed farm to market roads.

He also vowed to improve the condition of all day care centers whether they are conducive to learning through providing complete facilities and repair for the dilapidated centers.

Pelayo and Gallardo were sworn in to office together with newly elected councilors Michael Vinuya, Charina Sombillo, Pan Magat, Luis Pelayo, Narciso Maglanque, Edgardo Gulapa, Bienvenido Gatus, Jr., and Raquel Foz. (Herbert P. Mapiles)